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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Osaka Ohsho at Westgate

Date of visit: 01.05.2014

Travelled all the way from Tampines to Jurong's Westgate shopping mall after several hints and "pleads" from hubby -___-

Was famished, dying for lunch cum dinner, popped into a restaurant which didn't look too expensive and no queue.
Most importantly, it's not found in Tampines.   It's beyond lame to travel 45 mins and eat "safe" food from same old food chains, like Pasta Mania, Ding Tai Fung, Sushi Teh etc..  So said, this was my first visit to Osaka Ohsho ^.^

Giant gyoza at the entrance, so we know this must be their 招牌菜 (chef's speciality).

This is the ambience and it was freezing cold >.<

Menu on tablet, tap tap to make your order!

Serving was fast.  We tried the following.....

Meat Bowl Set S$15.90

Minced meat balls in sweet sour sauce tasted much like chinese 古鲁肉 (sweet sour pork), it's a safe dish that will please anybody.
But the set came with 6pcs of gyoza, it was minced meat overdose.

Gyoza looked so perfect!

Skin was soft and thin, filled with succulent minced meat with some veg in it.

However, what left an impression wasn't gyoza, it was their fluffy white steam rice.  The rice was amazingly tasty in perfect texture!  It's soft but not sticky, each grain was fat and puffy.... and that subtle fragrance was unforgettable.....  I don't normally take much rice, but theirs was so good that we did not leave a single grain behind.

Gyokai Ramen Set S$11.90
Ramen was obviously not their forte; broth was neither rich nor milky, egg was hard boiled (I always prefer lava egg yolks).  Springy noodles saved the bowl and could probably be better with 2 pieces of char siew instead of one lonely piece, heehee.....

The set came with another 6pcs of gyoza, making a total of 12pcs on the table.  We had placed our order without really looking, *face palm*.   It was too much, we nearly couldn't stomach them all. 

If you ever visit Osaka Ohsho, remember MUST EAT their rice!

Osaka Ohsho
3 Gateway Drive
Westgate #03-09/10
Singapore 608532
Tel: 6465 9383

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