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Monday, 16 June 2014

Soft Launch of FAST Clubhouse

Date of event: 25.05.2014

 Precious Nail Services, runs by me, was engaged to an outbound job at a special clubhouse!
Selfie, was wearing Precious Nail's uniform to look more professional ;)

It was a soft launch of FAST Clubhouse located at 10 Raeburn Park.

It wasn't a club house for rich tai-tais, neither was it for Singaporeans.
It's a clubhouse for foreign domestic workers!   It's a non-profit organisation that conduct upgrading classes for them.

It also provides recreational facilities, like KTV, library, billard and computer lab.
Rather than roaming around aimlessly at shopping malls, I feel that this makes a great place for domestic workers to engage in healthy activities during their off days.

Reporter from Channel News Asia was here too.

For those who have domestic helpers at home, probably you may like to find out more from their web-site ~ www.fast.org.sg

Now that you have a rough ideal on what FAST Clubhouse is all about, here's my manicure booth ^.^
Looking fat here, but die die have to post my manicure booth in rose theme in pink and white hues.
  Pretty looking and I had been using this decor for sometime.  Thought changing roses to sunflowers; replace white table cloth with bright orange/yellow or pale green.

I took away many virgins...... virgin manicure I mean, heehee....
Most of them had never done manicure before, they had their first time with me!

They were squeaking and giggling, with eyes as shiny as the fresh polishes on their nails.
I may be just a manicurist, but the joy that I brought to the girls gave me a priceless job satisfaction.

Being a blog owner makes it possible to share my mini achievement in this space.

I hope my colorful polishes will continue bring me to more places, meet more people and of course, gives me income to fulfil travel destinations.

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