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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sephora online at ZALORA!

I am sure Sephora is a familiar name to many ladies.  It's one of leading beauty-retail with outlets in town areas.  For myself, I don't travel to town areas very often and the good news is -

We can now buy Sephora beauty products online!

Check out the fabulous deals I had found!
Value Pack Facial Masks (5 pieces) at S$16.00.
One piece is available but it's retailing at S$4 per piece.  Many flavours types to chose from!

Eau De Toilette 7ml at S$10.00
Comes in many different fragrances.  Slip it in your handbag, spray on whenever and wherever!

Sephora Samll Palette Makeup Bag S$29.00
Consist of 4 lip glosses, 9 eyeshadows, 1 blusher and a compact mirror!  Nice as a gift, good enough for yourself too!

You are just a click away.......
Let's shop!
Sephora online at ZALORA Singapore!

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