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Thursday, 19 June 2014

WaWaWa Bistro By The Reservoir

Date of visit: 29.05.2014

So near yet so far, Bedok Reservoir is only less than 10 mins drive from my place, but we never visit till recently.

Not taking too much pics this time cos' I was quite determine to jog, get done with an early dinner and rush back home to catch my favourite TV show 非诚勿扰。

As we jogged, we watched the sun biding the day goodbye, softly, before she hands her duty to the moon.  It's amazing, but we all had taken it from granted most of the time.

We jogged and walked round the circumference of the reservoir, making WaWaWa Bistro our finish point.

We cool ourselves a little, make sure we didn't smell before popping in, heehee....

Ratten furnitures always compliments an outdoor area, giving it a resort feel effortlessly.

Blue down lights at the bar counter is clever, the place feels and looks cooler.

Ignore my puffy eyes, was holding Fruit Punch S$6.00.

Lobster Bisque S$5.80
Tasted more like tomato bisque without any lobster meat inside.  Quite a disappointment.

Pork Knuckle S$25.80
Side dishes of green salad, sauteed potato and sauekraut (sour cabbage) came in decorative portions.  Pork knuckle was crunchy on the outside, meat was slightly dry but still delicious.  The plate was good for the price.

Mini Burger S$13.80
This cute plate came last and was the best!  BBQ sauce coated thick beef burger steaks which were juicy at each bite.  Even the bread was soft and tasty.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Well, that little calories we burned off at the jog were replenished in no time.  We will repeat this "mistake", no doubt, hur hur....  That's life!

WaWaWa Bistro By The Reservoir
901 Bedok Reservoir Road
Singapore 479266
Tel: 6285 8038


  1. I never knew a cafe exist at bedok reservoir park! Looks like a cool place to visit. I must visit! :)

    1. MollyMai - I am not surprise, cos' the signboard it's not obvious. Although it can be seen from the main road, one might thought it's a public toilet or bicycle rental hut. Worth a visit, it's very relaxing ;)