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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Bangkok 2014 with 972FM Wallace Ang (Part 1)


Not sure how many of you are my readers here, what happened was, together with my sister's family and King Luis, we went Bangkok sometime in March.  You may read about my incredible adventure HERE.

I ended my last post saying that I'll work and save up money for my next trip instead of waiting for sponsorship to drop from the sky.  I suppose that's every normal beings' mind set.  That keeps me going and working....

Totally unexpected....

a sponsorship REALLY dropped from the sky, or rather from the air from MediaCorp Love97.2FM

It all started from this post in MediaCorp Love97.2FM Facebook
Just a simple translation for non-chinese readers, it's a contest for fans of 97.2FM.  PM them to tell them what we missed about Bangkok to win a 3D2N Bangkok trip travelling with DJ Wallace Ang, this handsome one on the poster.

Hubby asked me to write in to try my luck but I wasn't keen cos' I no luck one.  Nevertheless, after his persistent nagging, I wrote in.

This was my simple entry -
Translate into English will be that I missed the stalls along the streets and attached my humble blog link ;)

Le hubby was very excited for me, he kept talking about it and asked me to think of who to bring, as if I was already the winner.  I ignored him and let him enjoy talking to himself aka 自己说自己爽. Where got people so siao as to pin hopes for contests or lucky draws leh.  So, not thinking much about it, life went on....

It was a happy day, we were on our way to Rochor Thai for food tasting.
I selfie, he drove.
Then a phone call without caller ID interrupted my selfie session.  I was like, darn.... who the hell....

"请问是 Susan 吗?"  a male voice.

Me:  Yes.

"你知道我是谁吗?"  he churp happily  (I hate "你知道我是谁" or "猜猜我是谁" kind of crap).

Me:  No   -_____-|||

Then another female voice came in.  I recognised her voice but just couldn't remember her name at that instant.  They are DJ partners!  I listened to the radio with another ear, 97.2FM was playing a song, they were not on air.

Me:  圣安?? (omg omg..... I hoped my ears were right and this wasn't a prank call.... )

圣安Wallace:  对了!我们想带你去曼谷!

It's a real.  I was too surprised and confused to feel anything.  I listened to the radio again, I didn't hear myself or the DJs, so I know we were not on air, I switched off the radio, pressing my phone tightly to my ear.  I was asked to repeat verbally the entry I wrote in so that the listeners could cast votes and select a winner.  I took a deep breath, arranged all the words in my brain, and made a cautious effort to speak in pure 100% mandarin.  Done, hang up, with my heart pounding so hard that I could hear it.  Hubby was happy like hell, I was just, stunned.

Turned on 97.2FM again, our conversation was on air about 5 mins later.  I sounded so composed and calm lolxx.....  5 listeners called in to vote.  The other person and I gotten 2 votes each, when the 5th caller came in, I was about to die of heart failure.  I vividly remembered it was a lady, she voted me!  I gotten 3 votes out of 5, and that is....

I won 2 tix to Bangkok!!

Screamed and beat up my hubby =DD, yes, 连环打.
I forgotten he was driving, luckily he could focus and was still steady with the steering wheel, waahaahaaa.......

Happy until could not sleep, I still couldn't believe.

Only 2 winners with their plus one, ie. 4 pax out of hundreds/thousands of participants.  If you were to say my write up was good, I agree (shameless), but I am very sure the others who wrote in were just as good or even better.  Couldn't believe my good luck, so much so that I believed all my good luck must have been exhausted for the entire year.

Moving on, looking forward, cleared whatever outstanding chores, took leave from my tau huay boss, done my nails, ready to fly with AirAsia and Wallace.

Enough blabbing, scroll down to read about this special 3D2N Bangkok trip with Love97.2FM DJ Wallace Ang

Duration: 18 -20 July 2014 (3D2N)
Mode of travel:  Guided tour with celebrity DJ Wallace Ang from Love972.2FM
Sponsored Flight:  AirAsia
Sponsored Accommodation: Dream Hotel, 10 Sukhumvit Soi 16\5, Kloeg Toey Nua Wattana, Bangkok, 10110 Thailand
Currency: Thai, Baht, divide by 25 to convert to S$

Despite of just a recent visit to Bangkok in March, this was still very exciting with much anticipation, especially when accommodation and air tickets were sponsored, waahaahaaa.....

Previous trip, I had great adventure with King Luis, I wanted to do the same with my elder son Darren. So yup, I dragged him away from his gaming addiction, took this opportunity to have some bonding with him ^.^
Here a very rare pic of us (Darren hates taking photo), we were at the airport around 8am for 10.15am flight.

Wallace is really tall and handsome in real person, he semi-squat and I super tip-toe to get this selfie, heehee...

Group pic (from left) Darren (my elder son), me, Wallace, Helen (my new friend) and Esther (Helen's daughter who was the other winner).


Mirror selfie in the wash room before boarding.
OOTD: Blouse, belt, shoes - BKK
Cardi -some shop at Chinatown
Bag - Camomilla

One more, just before boarding.

Taste of Thailand in advance on the plane.
We had Green Curry Chicken and Mango Sticky Rice =P~~

Other meals on the menu looked tempting and reasonably priced too!

Darren darling self entertained.

Follow AirAsia Singapore for great deals and travel tips:

After about 2 hours' flight, we touched down at Don Mueang International Airport.
Image credit Wikipedia
  The airport was a bit old as expected, but checking out was a breeze, in fact less than 30 minutes.

This mini bus was our private transport was the next 3 days ^.^

As Don Mueang International Airport is nearer to Bangkok city compared to the new airport, we reached Dream Hotel in about 30 mins too!  Awesome!
At the entrance of the reception

Dream Hotel
10 Sukhumvit Soi 16\5, 
Kloeg Toey Nua Wattana, Bangkok,
10110 Thailand

Dream Hotel's tuk tuk which was a pity we didn't have a chance to ride on.

Dream Hotel's reception lobby.
Dream Hotel Bangkok
Half of which was occupied by decorations which resembles roof tops of temples, crafted with mosaic reflecting sparkly gold blings here and there.

Dream Hotel Bangkok

Spread out flabby arms, sit and relax while our baby-sitters register/check-in.

We decided to have lunch first before checking into our rooms.

The flight of stairs led us to Flava Restaurant which was located at the 2nd floor.

We had a relaxing lunch here as well as buffet breakfast for the next 2 days.
Flava Restaurant - Dream Hotel
I always like my travel itinerary to be fully packed, I don't want to waste any time.  So having a relaxing meal ensures that I have recharged enough energy to play hard.
Flava Restaurant - Dream Hotel Bangkok
A simple but yummy lunch was specially prepared for us, not sure if the dishes were in their usual menu, prices not available.

Spring Rolls with assorted veg served with spicy sour thai sauce.
Thais are so good in making saliva inducing sauces.

Cabbage with minced pork balls soup.
Comfort home-cooked soup.

Spicy Pad Thai with prawns.

It was a delicious plate, although the plant of spring onions looked weird here, heehee....

Lunch completed with a healthy serve of fruits.

With a curtain of crystal beads as partition, we could see through Flava lounge from the restaurant.
The entrance was "guarded" with a pink panther and a white tiger which were undoubtedly photo spots.

Darren suggested that I should ride on it, but I didn't want to risk crushing the tiger with my weight >.<

Flava Washroom, must be mention cos' it has got a mini sea aquarium!  This is a lousy pic, it's very dreamy toilet in real.
I would visit the washroom every single time I dine at Flava, not to pee but just becos' I adore the aquarium.

Before leaving Flava, pic with Mr Geev Bahrampoori, Executive Assistant Manager of Dream Hotel.
Just couldn't take my eyes off him, he is soooooo.... handsome.... my gawd....

A big group pic with friendly and warm team members of Dream Hotel.

Dream Hotel consist of 2 towers.  The reception and Flava Restaurant & Lounge is at Dream1 and our rooms are at Dream2 which was a road across .
Security cum traffic guard was there to ensure safety.

Dream Hotel - Bangkok

Different furnitures and pictures which doesn't seem to match are placed together at Dream2's lobby area harmoniously.
Dream Hotel - Bangkok

These artwork pieces are by Justin Love from New York.

Here's a clip about Justin Love and his stay at Dream Hotel.

Walking towards to our room at the 9th floor.

Here we go!

Standard room: 28 sq.m.  with 2 super single beds
Room Features:
  • non smoking room
  • air conditioning
  • mini bar
  • 32" plasma TV
  • DVD/CD player
  • Electronic safe
  • refrigerator
  • shower
  • hair dryer
  • coffee/tea maker
  • daily newspaper
  • complimentary bottled water
  • bathrobes & slippers
Darren literally pounded on the bed before I took a photo, thus the crease dent lolxx...
Yes, the room is big with 2 super singles.  There are blue lightings under the bed and on the ceiling as well.

This pic was taken at night, magical blue, WE LOVE IT!!  Of course, white light can be switched on if you need to read or something.
Darren was too exhausted to move an inch, heehee.....

Found beauty on the coffee table - simplicity.

Did my own quote, with it.  I don't normally copy and paste.

The bathroom.

Only shower, no bath tub but there's a weighing machine.  Not too sure to face reality or not to use it >.<

The gym is located at the 10th floor at Dream2, same tower as our room.

The swimming pool is located at the roof top, which is 11th floor.

Attached to it is Flava Lite and pool bar.

Gym and pool pics were taken on another day at wee morning around 8am, so bo lang (无人) and I snapped photos until I was satisfied, heehee...

Rituals Sanctuary & Spa is located at 3rd floor, providing massages and facials.

So much about our accommodation at Dream Hotel for the time being.

Part 2 will be a eat non-stop post on the hotel's breakfast buffet spread, Platinum Street Food Festival and more food at Terminal 21.

Thank you for reading ^.^


  1. So lucky you!! :))
    (Thou so unlucky hubby kena 连环打 by u lmao)

    1. HZ - Really very very lucky! Too gan jiong, so I bashed him up >.<