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Monday, 18 August 2014

Bangkok 2014 with 972FM Wallace Ang (Part 3)

Date of travel: 19.07.2014

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Let's continue, you will be reading about Chatuchak and Art in Paradise 3D Museum..
Chatuchak is so different from my last visit 20 years ago.

Back then, Chatuchak was a place where locals make a living by setting up simple stalls and selling to earn a living during weekends.  Stalls were set up with a table on grass or mud, the better ones were those with plywood, so one have to mindful walking on the uneven grounds.

Stalls were simply sheltered with canvas tents, if it rains, it could be disastrous.  Not so organised and were not in categorized, ie. you may see a stall selling bras next to a toy stall.  Some stalls had electric light bulbs others just depend on the day light to shine in.  It was very very warm, but some stalls don't have electric fans, let alone air-condition, back then electric supply wasn't that sufficient at this market area.  It must be difficult for younger generation to imagine how Chatuchak was like back in 1990s.

Everything is improving, modernised and more commercialized.   It's good in a way, but I just feel that something is missing.... I never talked to anybody about my mixed feelings about the great changes I saw.  Typing my thoughts here, I wonder how many can feel how I felt...

Walked into Chatcuchak, a once familiar place is now a new place to me.
Weather was extremely favourable, the sun was sleeping covering herself with cloud blanket.

We were early at about 9am, some stalls were not open.

Bought 2 straw bags within 30mins I stepped into Chatcuchak, they are awesome with causal outfits.
Turquoise sling bag is about 30cm in length,  beige shoulder bag approximate length 38cm, both about 300baht each.

Darren has got this infatuation with babies, be it human or animals, amongst, yellow ducklings.  So we walked around, looking for the pet stalls, in hope to find ducklings if not yellow chicks should be close enough to please him.

We found bunnies first....

.... they were palm size...

... too cute...

Electric fans cooling down chow chow puppies with thick furs.
Man in purple was giving a chow chow puppy a barber ^.^

Fluffy chow chow balls!
The scissors was picked up by a caregiver after a while.

Baby hedgehogs.  So freaking tiny and cute, they were about the size of an iphone.

We saw squirrels also, they were very active so couldn't catch a good shot. 

Couldn't find any chicks or ducklings, oh well...

Bought a scratcher for my kid sis's cat.
Really cute and colorful for 165baht.

See look see look all the way....

Of course there are fashion stalls selling apparels, didn't look into them cos' I still have plenty of new clothes not worn and I am attending lesser events, so don't wanna (further) burst my wardrobe.

 Let's eat then!  I was told there's one MUST TRY in Chatcuchak - COCONUT ICE-CREAM!!
 30baht, humble street dessert with heavenly taste!  Initially wanted to share, but Darren said it was too good and he requested me to buy another one for himself.  Later, I was told by my companions that there is another stall which was the first (and original) stall that sells coconut ice-cream.  Not able to compare, I find that this stall's not bad too!

Bought slippers (around S$3) for Darren which he wore immediately.
Canvas shoes (around $6) for King Luis, send him the above pic and he chose orange/black.

Orange/white looks better to me, couldn't manage to persuade him even though I send him a virtual bash >.<

Our legs were gonna break, so just sat in.

Ordered lemon grass drink which was about S$4, not exactly cheap though it's good for 2 person.
The big jug with lemon grass fibers was served with some diluted honey.

Legs still tired but had to move on!  Ate pork "satay" and bacon cum sausage at 30baht each.

Darren was snatching and munching.... I was so happy inside.  Cos' my Darren is a skinny boy, he doesn't get arouse by food easily.  So when your child finally eats (more), nobody can be happier than his mother, aka me.

Continue to explore around, we saw a few shipping couriers.
 No wonder there were shops selling furnitures and interior items, shoppers can shipped bulky items!

Stopped by here for snack lunch.

Crispy noodles with mango salad 60baht.
Very special and refreshing zit of spicy and sour.  It's gonna make a great dish with beer too!

Grilled pork neck 60baht.
Quite nice, especially dipped with the very spicy sauce.  Spoke to a taiwan lady who sat next to our table.  She has been staying in Bangkok for about 3 months cos' her husband was stationed here to work.  She told us that this is one of the cheaper stall with decent food in Chatcuchak.

Eat already, shop some more, bought this for hubby at 480baht.
Can someone please tell me I wasn't being ripped off?  I really don't know the market price for this :/

This chubby ang mo was very adorable looking.  He was simply sprinkling salt into this big wok of soup but attracted lots of people crowd around and took pictures, that included me >.<

When we walked passed this morning, it was empty...

Now that the pots were cooking, all tables were occupied!

Mouth watered and dripped all over at the Spanish paella, but we were full already T__T
 I swear I'll be back!

Too much choices for food, too little "capacity"...

Random pics of some very nice furnishes we saw before leaving.

We head back to the hotel after spending good 4 hours at Chatcuchak.   "Unload" our shopping loots, changed another outfit zoomed out again.

Next stop,
Opening Hours: 10:00 - 22:00 (Ticket Booth closes at 21:00) 
Location: Esplanade Shopping Mall, 4th floor 
Address: Ratchadapisek Road, Din Daeng,Din Daeng, Bangkok, Thailand 10400 
Tel: +66 2 660 9130 
Price: Adult - 300baht for adults, Child -200baht

Image from www.facebook.com/artinparadisebangkok
Wasn't too fascinated initially.  I had been to Trick Eye in Singapore just before this trip, I thought it's going to be all the same.  Everybody in the group thought the same too.

WE WERE SO WRONG!!  Art in Paradise is very very different from Trick Eye and Alive Museum!

Scroll down and you will get what I mean...
Before entering, we need to take off our shoes??!!??  This was not expected at all.  Draw string bags were given for us to put our shoes in, then kept in red trays.

The exhibits here are HUGE.  Huge means the artworks are ceiling high, even floor areas are covered.  No wonder shoes are not allowed.  Drop jaw.....
I tell you, this is only part of what I could capture into the camera, the spectacular artwork spreads over an area of a basket ball field!   So spacious that one can dance around and do whatever stunts or poses until happy!

This is an unedited photo taken from the 2nd storey.  Yes!  2nd storey!!

Wallace looked as if he's part of the 3D art here, lolxx..

One more, cos' I like this wall and floor of waterfall artwork very much!

Huge, brilliant artworks with glossy finish.
Without much sample photos around as a guide, I was quite lost as to how to pose.  I consider myself quite an imaginative person, but some how my brain just died on me that day.  I am actually quite upset when I edit these photos, I took too little photos, missed out a lot a lot.  I am determined to visit again T___T

Nevertheless, here are the photos we had taken..

What are we looking at?


Tickle big cat.

Wet kiss.

Pull your tail.

Don't kiss me >.<

Not message in a bottle, it's auntie in a bottle, a fat one some more lolxx..

Darren in vintage diver's suit >.<

Bubble trap.

Darren surfing.

One hand stand, but only in 3D museums.

Let's enter...


I peeled an orange with a scratch.

Can you play Jay Chou's song?

Made King??

Give me the clothe, I'll wipe these mess.

Where's the stairs leading to?

A bit silly here pacing up and down >.<

My facial expression was so good sia, pity that this photo turns out blur :((

In case some of you may be wondering, I was wearing black shorts and pink peplum top with high neckline.  For girls wearing skirts, dresses or loose tops to 3D Museums, people around will get free ice-creams for their eyes.

Another worth and must mention is their toilet -
Yes, Bangkok's 3D museum got toilet which both 3D museums in Singapore doesn't.

The corridor leading to the wash rooms has got LED light flooring with moving flower blooms.

So pretty that I nearly forgotten to pee lolxx..
There are rubber slippers at the entrance of the wash rooms which you may like to wear before entering.  Toilet was clean and dry which I really appreciated.

I am so freaking in love with Art of Paradise, I need to come back T____T

Art of Paradise is located at Esplanade Shopping Mall.  There are retails, restaurants which we didn't have time to explore.  I was with Darren hanging around at League Legends event.

His eyes were sparkling with excitement throughout and his happiness is my joy ^.^

Gaming tournament which I know nuts.

Look at the crowd.

Peeped at the back stage where we sawing cos players wearing their costumes.

Media work station.

This was funny.  The cos players became really slow and clumsy, perhaps due the costumes they were wearing.  But these youngsters needed to be applause for their hard work in putting the show.

Pardon my lousy video with some sounds being cut-off.  Not sure what's wrong :/

Leaving Esplanade Shopping Mall, we head to Asiatique The Riverfront for Japanese BBQ buffet and a Muay Thai Show.  The post is getting long, so these will be at Part 4.

Thank you for reading :)

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