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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Bangkok 2014 with 972FM Wallace Ang (Part 2)

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Date of travel: 18.07.2014

This post is a continuation from HERE

After a relaxing lunch and check-in at Dream Hotel, it's time to start embracing Bangkok.

Managed to persuade our public relation officers to let us go to Platinum Mall instead of some atas mall full of Prada and Gucci.

Since I had done enough shopping during my visit in March, my main motive was

Starting from Platinum Mall's Food court.

Custard Puffs 49baht/9pcs

Ate these in March and I was back for more!  Couldn't emphasis enough how ridiculously delicious these little puffs are!  I only managed to eat 3pcs, that monkey Darren finished up everything and passed me the empty paper bag --_____--
For more food recommendations at Platinum Mall Food Court, click HERE.

We went my favourite fashion shop HOOK, but they didn't have much new stocks, so didn't buy anything.
Instead, gotten 2 really nice shirts for Darren instead at 300baht each.

Also bought 2 good material t-shirts for myself at 120baht.  You will get to see me wearing them in my next post.

Stepping out of Platinum Mall, was greeted by one whole stretch of food stalls -
Platinum Street Food Festival 2014
I was excited to the max!  How I wish I have 4 stomachs like a cow, I wanna eat EVERYTHING!

Assorted bite size cakes.

BBQ wings.

Seafood waiting to be grill.

All sorts of lasagna looking like puffy pillows!

I suppose these are minced pork + crab meat.  So cute right?  Looks like puffer fish from far!

Thai rice dumplings?

Calories and crispy level hits the roof, roast pork!!

We bought some sushi from one of the stalls but was too busy eating and forgotten to take pics.

Aloe vera drink 40baht

These are corn pipes, hollow within....

and soft ice-cream were piped in!

This is from Korea, but felt awesome to be able to try it in Bangkok.
Yummy big time!  59baht for this smaller pipe.

Cross over the road passed by Pratuman Market on our way to Big C Supermarket.

Along the way bought 2 t-shirt dresses 100baht each.
 Previously I bought one piece from the same stall, pretty happy with it, so I returned to buy for more.

Passed by a shop selling human hair, gave me goose bumps >.<

Stalls outside Big C.  A  familiar bustling scene which I love, it's so Bangkok.
Makes me happy just to see these stalls even though I may not be buying anything.

Entered Big C, "parked" Darren at a donut cafe, vanilla ice cream 12baht.

Headed to Beauty Buffet for these -
Bought 2 tubes of Instant Aura White Cream 190baht each and a crayon concealer 210baht.
Instant Aura White Cream is like a foundation for body, instantly one shade fairer upon application.  I am so in love with it that I can't live without it now.

Before leaving Big C, 顺便 (conveniently) bought a pair of denim shorts for 100baht.  You will see me wearing it the next post.

A random pic of a stall while on our way to meet up with the others.  Missed Bangkok's salted grilled fish.

Next stop was Terminal 21.

Been here before, so wasn't that fascinating any more.  The mall looked pretty much the same but I noticed that it's now a livelier mall with more shoppers.  There are many nice photo spots, especially their toilets (each floor has got a different theme) in Terminal 21.  For interesting Terminal 21 photos, click HERE.

We settled dinner at Reflections Restaurant at 4th floor.

The restaurant is filled with cute colorful decors and toys which will definitely catch your attention.

Cuddle a huge teddy bear before dinner just added some joy to the dinning experience.  I am very easily satisfied ^.^

It was very crowded and we almost couldn't get a table.

Apologise that I didn't take down the prices of the dishes we ordered, I was sort of distracted by Wallace lolxx...
 I did browse through the menu and I can assure that the prices are reasonable and affordable.

Seafood Tom Yum Soup.

Deep fried fish.
The fish was being cut open and lie flat for deep frying.  Although it's beyond recognition as a fish, but it's delicious!!  Crispy on the outside, soft and juicy inside.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Thai fish cake.

Stir fried fish slices with assorted veg.

Minced chicken.

Stir fried kangkong with fermented beans.

Minced pork and mixed veg wrapped in omelette.
All dishes were tasty with decent portion, not much of surprise except the deep fried fish.  It's a comfortable place to dine in especially if you are craving for traditional chinese thai dishes.

After dinner, we decided to rest early for the day and walked back to Dream Hotel.

Date of travel: 19.07.2014

The next morning TT______TT
If losing weight is as easy as gaining them.

Gotten myself heavier, but the stomach was still screaming for food.

Wash up and wear new clothes bought yesterday!
OOTD: Grey T - Platinum Mall 120baht (wore it a few times already till today, no need to iron one, best!)
Denim shorts - Big C 100 baht
ps.  Those white bathroom slippers provided by Dream Hotel were so comfy!  Puffy springy cushions inside and felt as if I was walking on springs!

Hopped over to Dream Hotel's Flava Restaurant for breakkie.

"Egg Station" - omelette, sunny up or scrambled?

Salad bar.

My plate ^.^

After which we were so ready to chiong Chatuchak.  Despite of visiting Bangkok a few times recently, my last visit to Chatuchak was 20 years ago :X  So yup, that will be Part 3.

Thank you AirAsiaSingapore for flying us over.

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  1. omg, all those yummies! why didn't i notice them while i was in bkk? T.T