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Monday, 25 August 2014

Bangkok 2014 with 972FM Wallace Ang (Part 4)

Date of travel: 19.07.2014

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Leaving Esplanade Shopping Mall, hopped into our mini bus to ~

Asiatique The Riverfront
2914 Charoenkrung Road
Wat Phaya Krai
Bang Kho Laem
Bangkok, Thailand
Opening hours - 1700 - midnight

Traffic jam was very bad -___-  Did a  bit of read up, it was recommended to take BTS follow by free shuttle boats.

There are 4 districts in Asiatique - The Factory District, The Waterfront District, The Down Square District and The Chareongkrung District.

Heard so much about Asiatique, finally land my feet here the first time, but it was a brief visit :(
The tower clock indicated that we were at The Chareongkrung District.

Everything we ate at Chatcuchak was digested, Darren and I needed dinner, a massive one.
Walking up this flight of stairs were 2 buffet restaurants.

We chose the BBQ!

Nikuya Japanese BBQ Buffet
Asiatique The Riverfront
The Chareongkrung District, 2nd floor
Price - 499baht per pax

It was very crowded, luckily we could get a table.

Buffet counter is near the entrance.  There are fridges with little trays of meat and seafood.

The buffet counter isn't big, consist of marinated meat, assorted veg, fruits, rice and some cooked food.

Darren's helping himself with his BBQ picks.
They have different kinds of cuts for chicken, beef and pork.  For seafood, they have a few variety of fish including salmon, also squids, prawns and mussels.
Free flow beverages were served, couldn't really remember what they had but from the pic, it's coke, orange, ice-lemon tea and cranberry etc..

They have a few sauces and condiments on the table which we didn't try.  Cos' the serving staffs gave us a yellowish sour and spicy sauce which was so perfect that we decided to dip everything just with it, alone!


Our yummy charcoal grill!

Crunchy guava with special spice powder which I couldn't identify and
deep fried gyoza.

When we left, there was already a queue of sitting people waiting.
Not the best I had eaten but consider quite good for the price we paid.

Patz tummy, we were just in time for Muay Thai Live at The Stage which was just beside Nikuya Japanese BBQ Restaurant.

Sneak pic of the stage before the performance.

It's a common rule that no photo is allowed in live performances, but here's a trailer ~

Muay Thai Live is really worth watching!  I wonder how did they make each punch so real, even feel ouch by watching.  Sound system was great, making the whole performance more exciting.  Above all, those beautiful muscular and toned bodies, those abs, chests omg omg omg.... =P~~~~ yes, make men jealous and make all women go wild!

Chest and 6 packs drove me crazy!  No, I don't know how to act demure.

Muay Thai Live is such a thrilling and unforgettable show.
So happy to have this memorable photo with the performers and Muay Thai professional boxers!

MUST WATCH if you are in Bangkok!
Image from www.facebook.com/muaythailive.bkk

Performance on Monday to Saturday, with only one time slot at 8.00pm.
Tickets: 1200baht (standard seat), 1500baht (premium seat)

The Stage
Asiatique The Riverfront, The Chareongkrung District
Bangkok, Thailand

So, we only did 2 things in Asiatique - a satisfying buffet and a wonderful Muay Thai Live performance.   We didn't have time to look around, time was just not enough.
 My last impression of Asiatique was this ferry wheel we saw on our way to the carpark, and shit, this one and only photo I got is blur.

I will be back!
There is always a reason or more to visit Bangkok again =D

Reached the hotel around 11pm, the message parlour opposite Dream Hotel was still open.
Foot cum shoulder & head massage was 250baht for 1 hour.
 Despite of this late hour, the parlour was busy with only one masseur available, so I gave it to my son ^.^

Took a pic of the massage salon the next morning.
Cha Cha Massage
14/3 Sukhumvit Soi 19,
Sukhumvit Road, Watthana, Sukhumvit
Bangkok 10110
Tel: 026 513 592

Date of travel: 20.07.2014

Sigh, last day at Bangkok, why's enjoyable time always so short T___T
Took a last look from the window.

OOTD - Owl print T-shirt 120baht (Platinum Mall)
Beige pants (Uniqlo)
Wore my specs, cos' I was having a headache.  I found out that my headache was caused by looking at my phone wearing contact lens for too long.  I can't really see my iphone's screen clearly due to hyperopia (老花眼), old already sia.

 I let Darren sleep in a little longer while I took a stroll out alone.
Stepped out of the hotel, the street was quiet at around 8.30am.

Exposed wires and cables is a common sight.  They don't look neat, but some how it's a unique icon of Bangkok streets.  Without these, Bangkok won't look the same.
Probably to human as well, no matter what flaws we have, each person is unique in his or her own way.  There is always beauty in flaws.

Korean Cultural Center was just around the corner.  No wonder there are so many Korean restaurants around Dream Hotel.
 Too early, it was still closed, it's a pity that I couldn't find out more about it.

 Head back for hotel's breakfast, ate a little more.

Special thanks to Dream Hotel for providing us such comfortable rooms and buffet breakfast -
Dream Hotel
10 Sukhumvit Soi 16\5, 
Kloeg Toey Nua Wattana, Bangkok,
10110 Thailand

After breakfast, headed to Don Mueang International Airport for our 1.35pm flight.
Selfies in mini bus.  Had BB Cream, a bit of eye liner and some lip gloss.  Looked so auntie but heck.

Check in!

Group pic with 972FM Wallace Ang.

Another one, just him and me.
Then we made a voice recording which was aired on 972FM every now and then, heehee....

Lurking around at the departure shopping area.

Naraya caught my eyes!

Bought these....

Denim sling 395baht

Dark grey sling bag with lace trimming 350baht

Shoulder tote bag 480baht.

Bought a mooncake before boarding cos' I couldn't resist the exposed egg yolks.

Board on AirAsia and we were back home after 2 hours.

Thank you AirAsia Singapore for the safe and pleasant flight.

Follow AirAsia Singapore for great deals and travel tips:

Facebook www.facebook.com/AirAsiaSingapore
Twitter https://twitter.com/AirAsiaSG
Instagram https://instagram.com.airasiasg

Last but not least, thank you Love972FM for having us!

Despite of visiting Bangkok repeatedly, the experience is always different and exciting.

Bangkok is amazing.

Editing all the photos for these 4 blog posts made me miss Bangkok so much.  Part of me is dying to visit again, another part of me want to explore some other regions in my long long list.  Our world is so big and beautiful.

If only coins and notes can mate and multiply themselves, lolxx...  Not sure when is the next time I can travel again.

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