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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

French Cakes from Le Gateau Maison

When it comes to cakes, there are plenty of bakeries around Singapore and we have plenty to chose from.  Often, and normally, we purchase a cake judging from it's appearance.

However upon cutting those beautiful cakes up, they are all the same within - usual sponge cake with sandwiched cream in between.   Not to say disappointed, but they taste the same.  A slice is always more than enough.

As such, I am not a cake person, until I tried French cakes from Le Gateau Maison.

French cake tasting was host at Pasta De Waraku Square 2.

These were some of the Le Gateau Maison French cakes we had tried.

Look at the distinctive layers of each cake, they are not "simple" cakes!  Will elaborate later.

A little more about Le Gateau Maison, it means "The Cake Shop" in french.

All ingredients used in Le Gateau Maison French cakes are imported from France, to ensure the best quality and differentiate themselves from normal commercial bakeries.
Had a short conversation with Mr Clive Siek, founder of Le Gateau Maison, their mission is to present taste that are filled with fond memories of a place, a successful event, a birthday or a wedding anniversary.  Le Gateau Maison French Cakes will be part of your celebrations.

Scroll down for Le Gateau Maison French Cakes with taste of memories
NOISETTE (hazelnut)
Image credit legateaumaison.com
This cake is made up of many luxurious layers:
- Chocolate sponge
-Vanilla sponge
- Dark Chocolate mousse
- Hazelnut Praline mousse
- Chocolate Ganache
This may probably win many males hearts as it is not too sweet.

Shortcake aux Fraises (Strawberry Shortcake)
Image credit legateaumaison.com
Moist vanilla sponge cake is enveloped with milky dairy cream.  Topped with fresh strawberries and blueberries, inside is strawberry cream filling.  Grounded peanuts are coated around to give each bite a crunchy tease.
This is for cream lovers!

CERISES (Cherry)
Image credit legateaumaison.com
Chocolate dating with cherries - it's chocolate sponge with generous white chocolate mousses with dark pitted cherries.

Image credit legateaumaison.com
This is really cute looking, with special almond dacquoise, yummy mango mousse and topped fresh mango.
It's more like a mango dessert than a cake, so soft, so mangooooo....

Image credit legateaumaison.com
Lovely layers of:
- Vanilla sponge
- Strawberry Coulis
- Strawberry mousse
- White chocolate mousse
Image credit www.facebook.com/legateaumaisoncakes
Sweetness with different intensity and pinks in different shades.  Girls, are you in love?

Image credit legateaumaison.com
This cake is a elegant fusion of:
- Orange Mousse
- Italian Meringue
- Hazelnut & Pistachio Mousse
- Almond Dacquoise
- Vanilla Sponge
Image credit www.facebook.com/legateaumaisoncakes

You may enjoy these Premium French Cakes from Le Gateau Maison at Pasta De Waraku.
Each slice price at S$8.50.

S$65 - S$85 per cake,
online purchase is available at their web-site -

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