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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Koala's March Biscuits


Hello everybody ^^  I am a koala.  I am so adorable that you will find my characters printed on Koala's March Biscuits!
Image credit https://www.facebook.com/LotteSingapore

There are a total of 365 Koala characters printed  in Koala's March bite-sized crunchy biscuit.

Koala's March Biscuits comes in 3 flavours of cream fillings, milk, chocolate and strawberry.

Do you know about the Koala's March Ball experiment?
Image credit https://www.facebook.com/LotteSingapore

It's about turning Koala's March Biscuits into a big ball by shaking the box for 30mins!!!

I didn't invent it, I don't know who did, but it's plain torture -_____-  Why's human so stupid persistant??!!
I'd rather sleep  ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz..............
Image credit https://www.facebook.com/LotteSingapore
Huh?  But you want to know how it taste like?
Oh!!!  It's creamy and crunchy at the same time.... YUMMY!

To let out a little secret, we koalas shake only 5 mins to get a ball, heeheehee.......

Nope, I won't share the secret. You humans are suppose to be smarter than koala bears.
No! No! No!
Okay, since I am a kind-hearted koala, I'll share ^^

Step 1:  Take out the packet of biscuits from the box.  Squashed the biscuits with hands but take care not to break the package.  Try to squash every single biscuit, leave no koala behind.  (this is why the shaking time is lessen to 5 mins, heehee....)

Step 2:  Put packet into a plastic container, not too big, but not too small, with sufficient space for shaking. (a plastic container is obviously more steady than the paper box)

Step 3:  Shake vigorously for about 5 mins.  (Rest if you gets tired, don't drive yourself crazy or wear yourself out.) You can tell if the ball is formed by touching the package.  Can always open up the package to peep though, if the ball is not fully formed, just put back into container and continue shaking.

Step 4:  Sometimes, instead of one big ball, you get a few small balls, but just as yummy too!  If you prefer a big one for satisfaction, simply press the balls together, put them back into the package and container, shake for another minute or 2.  You will get a nice round big ball ^^

Enjoy your Koala March's Ball in a creative manner :P
Here's strawberry ball with neapolitan ice cream.

 All flavours of Koala March's balls fall in with whip cream and strawberry slices.

Please keep this Koala's March Ball in 5 mins a secret, sshhhhhhhhhhhhhh........

Koala's March Biscuits are import from Japan & Thailand / Approved by AVA, available at supermarkets and leading departmental stores.

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