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Monday, 8 July 2013

Jay Chou's Singapore Concert 2013

I went for Jay Chou concert on 6 June, was very lucky that we gotten a friend's friend who working in SISTIC to get my kid sis and me the tix.

I remembered his previous concert was year 2010.  Went on 24 July alone, cos' I couldn't get another tix online.  Right after the concert, I headed to the airport to catch a mid-night flight to Greece, heehee.....

Since I was going on holiday, I did this set of nails with Jay Chou's name ^^

2010, only manage to buy a key chain and a mini light stick.  EVERYTHING was sold out TT____TT

When I was back, a girlfriend gave me this cos' she got extra!!
Happy like strike Toto!

Hubby shook head and called me childish "Running after pop stars are for teenagers, you so old already still so crazy!" he said.  But contradicting himself, he whatsapp me the following on 6 June morning ~

As a result, I found myself at Jay Chou's merchandise booth at around 3.30pm.
I was all prepared to queue till the concert starts.
Dressed to beat the heat with minimal makeup.

Then hor..........
 the booths completely no queue  =.=

Here were the stuffs I gotten
Unisex T-shirt S$36.00
Very thick material but seemed to shrink a little after wash.
Initially wanted to get the ladies' cut, but it looked really weird with 2 different sleeves.
I changed and wore this to the concert.  Seemed to be the only person wearing the T-shirt.
I got it tucked in nicely but pulled it out during the mad rush to meet my kid sis for dinner before the concert.

Flash Card thumb drive S$30

Keychains S$12 each

Document files $10

 Magnet S$12

The brolly did not come according to the vendor and the bath towel was sold out  -____-

Die hard fan pic with his new movie's poster.

We gotten category 1 seats.

Distance from the stage.

I was bursting with excitement!

Jay Chou is irresistibly charming to me.



Party time!!

 Our seats, hur hur.....

Massive cleaning was needed after the concert, waahaahaaa....

Mad love Jay Chou and his music.  Will support him right to the end.


  1. Those nails are super cute!! I like the bow! =^-^=

    - kat

    1. Thank you! The fabric bow gets wet when I washed my hand and it felt weird lolxx...

  2. Love your nails :) Reminds me a bit of Minnie mouse :P

    1. Thank you! Yup, cos' same color scheme with Minnie Mouse :D