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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Pappa Rich at Parkway Parade

Date of visit: 01.06.2013

I got a reader telling me she likes to read my postings on food and restaurant reviews.  Actually hor, initially when I started out, I wanted to be a beauty blogger one, but somehow or rather as things went at it's natural course, I posted lots of reviews on food "accidentally".  Some were food tasting invitations while some were dining experience with my life time sponsor - le hubby.  Which ever, I gave only honest reviews, so let's go rolling now............

I don't know how long it took, I just know that the renovation at Parkway Parade was like forever.  Now that it's done, it didn't disappoint with a stretch of dinning options at the first floor.

Budget constrained, we decided to join a short queue at Pappa Rich.
This eatery has got a similar concept with Penang Culture which I blogged about HERE

I absolutely love their "Press for Service" table bell!  Press the bell, the waiter or waitress will appear at your table within seconds.  Saved me from the embarrassment of waving my flabby arms with fats wobbling >.<

Chicken Rice set S$10.90
Nice presentation, but wasn't too impressive.  The chilli was bland without garlic and lime.  The rice and chicken wasn't fantastic but acceptable.  My favourite would be the headless and tail-less bean sprouts, very crunchy without being over cooked.

Super Rich Combo S$16.90
Blow me down, everything in this plate was great!  The yellow rice was in the right texture with fragrance; beef randang was tender and rich in flavour, I love the sotong, curry was yummy and the "Super Star" was the GIANT FRIED DRUMSTICK!!!

It's so crispy on the outside yet surprisingly tender and juicy inside!
And the most amazing part, it's NOT oily.  You know the common problem with fried chicken is that when you bite into it, there always some oil accumulated beneath the skin making it very sinful.  Pappa Rich's fried drumstick, NO OIL and no excessive flour on the skin.
Sometimes the more common and simple dish, the more skillful the cook has to be to make it perfect.
I have to say that this is the BEST FRIED DRUMSTICK I ever eaten so far.  It's sooooo good that we actually went back after a couple of weeks ordering Nasi Lemak with this DIVINE FRIED DRUMSTICK.

If you had been following my blog, you will know how difficult it is to conquer my taste buds.
Anyone who knows a place with better fried drumstick than this, please let me know.  But don't recommend those expensive 5 or 6 stars hotel restaurants hor, my pocket will bleed, lolxxx

They have a variety of soya milk drinks which I found very interesting.

Soya Milk Pudding S$4.90
Love the strong aroma of soya milk, crowned with cream and sweet caramel, pudding was soft and slurps into the mouth.  It was very enjoyable ^^

Desserts looked tempting too.

  Pappa Cendol S$3.90
Value for money, but at that moment we really couldn't help to miss Cendol King at Penang Culture.

So, if you are visiting Pappa Rich, you MUST, and PLEASE order your meal with their fried drumstick, else your visit will be pointless.

Pappa Rich
Parkway Parade
80 Marine Parade Road
Singaporew 6344 6323


  1. You can still focus on beauty or maybe be add on more topics and be a lifestyle blogger, can cover everything that interest you :)

    Well, honest and fair food postings are always better than 'always good' type :D

    1. Call it rojak or lifestyle is what I am doing now,just that I seemed to be more inclined towards food! Thank you again for your support ^^