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Monday, 15 July 2013

Princess Mimi - for cat lovers only.

I had been wanting to show off our pretty girl called Mimi.  I took these pics whenever I visit my dad and sis. Took me very long to accumulate all these pics as I  had accidentally deleted one batch of photos previously T__T 

We bought Mimi home on 11 March 2012 from Kitty Care Haven.

Carrier to bring her around, the first time we use this bag was to bring her home of course.

Mimi in bag.

Mimi is my sister's cat, light grey in color with baby pink paw pads.

We bought this stand cum scratcher for her.


Mimi likes to confine herself. 

She's very arrogant.

Another favourite spot of hers will be the glass basin.

She would stay in the basin for a long time enjoying the cool.

Wonder what will happen if I turn on the tap, heeheheehee.....

I am not trying to be wicked, but these are my observations:  Married couple without children of their own call themselves "parents" of their pets.   I am not sure of their mind set, but it's kinda self deceiving.  You know you are not a parent.  It is a pet, not from your sperm or ovary.  A pet is a pet and will never be and cannot be your child.  What's stop couples from having children (aside from medical complications)?  Fear of commitment?  Fear of responsibility?  Not confident to be good parents?  Or government's fault lolxx.....

Then, single person calls their pets their "beloved", younger children call their pets their "best buddy". Perhaps there's so much disappointment with our own human race, people channel their affection on pets instead.  Pets never betray, never argue, never doubt, although sometimes scratches:

Scratched by Mimi.  Like many females, she got mood swings.

Leg over head stunt.

Snuggle in blanket.......

 Girl on my lap top, and nope, she did not find the delete key, phew...........

This was a rare moment when she laid beside me allowing me to stroke her.  This cat doesn't like cuddles.

Mimi's nom nom.

I love animals but can't commit myself to take care of a pet.  You see, I am already a zoo-keeper of 2 monkeys and a orangutan >.<   They can be cute in a way, sometimes, hur hur.

Another serious reason is because I runs a home nail salon, some people are afraid of cats and dogs, don't want to freak out my customers with fur balls running around.  Wanted to keep a rabbit, but the cage and everything adds up to quite a bit of money which I couldn't bear to part with.  I thought of "down grade" to hamsters, but their life spam so short, if they die, I will cry my lungs out leh.......  So sigh...........

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