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Friday 12 July 2013

Sengkang Riverside Park

Date of visit: 16-06-2013

Like any normal women I love shopping too.  I will lose my mind if I see the word SALE in front of a boutique or any female related retail shops.  Walked in a shop, swap the credit card (think about the bill later) came out with a shopping bag or 2, shoved them to hubby and repeat this "stunt" till dinner time.
Pic taken at JEM with my first shopping bag.

Like an obedient servant, le hubby would carry all my shopping bags and followed behind me to a decent dining place where I eat and take plenty of pics and blogged about them here lolxxx....  Woohooo...... that's life man!  Sounds like a scenario of those rotten spoiled rich girl in TV drama leh.  But no lah, I only do that once in a while, I swear.  Actually, I do curb my spending, although I always love to complain that I am broke.  I just love to declare that I am broke so that I don't get rob waahaahaa.....

Breaking away from shopping malls, walking around the greens could be just as rewarding in another way.  You get to talk a lot more with your partner while strolling, get to sweat out, lose some calories and  some unexpected discoveries too.  This blog post is as per the title of course.

So, come come, take a "walk" with me at SengKang Riverside Park.

Sengkang Riverside Park is a riverine park located at Anchorvale Street, adjacent to the Sengkang Sports Complex.  This 21-hectare green space was opened in November 2008 but my 1st visit was recently, heehee.....  Back in 2008, all I did was work and work, totally shut off from the outside world, let alone to notice a park.  I am glad that it wasn't too late for me to catch up with life.........

Little girls having their skating lesson.  So cute the children.
There are a few people whom I know claims that they hate children, they probably forgotten that they were once children themselves too.

Artifical swap area.

My imagination would run romatically wild having another bridal photo shot with greens like this.

 No bridal photo shot, had to make do with shadow shot, equally romantic I suppose.
ps. spot the terrapin!  but no prize, heehee.....

Walking towards this hall....

It's a eatery called Mushroom Cafe ^^

 Some snacks and local dishes to "replenish" calories lolxx.....

With this sign, I confirm my blog title is correct, heehee....

Looking at the clear blue sky, not aware that I wouldn't be seeing it for the whole of next week.
The very next day, the mini calamity of the bad haze took over our blue sky.
Ever since that episode, I never took blue sky from granted again.

 We went "kaypo" to see who's flying those awesome multiple kites.
Answer:  The Lamp Pole waahaahaaahaaa.......
Actually, there was a couple, sitting on those foldable picnic chairs, reading papers and watching their kites at the same time under a shady tree ^^

 We crossed the road behind Mushroom Cafe to another side of the park.

Need to find out what Floating Island is all about....

It's Punggol Reservoir, a very small one, heeheee.....

Umbrella Plant

Narrow-Leafed Cat Tail

The orange which I was sitting on was weather eroded.

Leaving the Floating Island.

 Caught the sun like egg yolk.

Little LRT moving across.

Ended our visit to Punggol Reservoir with a welcome sign board, haahaahaa......

The other area of the park was more crowded with people jogging and doing some work out.


Me:  Papa, what are you looking?

He:  I am looking for the "CB Leaf" to show you.  You know those CB Leaf mentioned in "Ah Boys to Men"?

Me:  -____-|||  Yeah, I know, so have or not?

He:  Don't have leh, only Jurong that side have....

Me:  It's okay, I always have the original one with me.

These trees bears weirdly shaped fruits.

Doesn't look edible, anybody know what is it?

Another tree with chains of fruits.

Called me a loser but I was so tired that walking back from where we started to get back our mini bus was mission impossible.  Thus, we took our 1st time ever virgin ride on the LRT, heeheee....

The LRT station nobody....

So it looks like the sky train in Changi Airport :P

Finally back from where we started after 4 stops of LRT ride. 

End post with this pic good enough as a postcard ^^

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