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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Just Acia at Downtown East

Date of visit: 15.06.2013

Economical eatery at Downtown East.

This eatery serves chinese, korean and japanese food, but in a very cute way.
Opened up the menu, you will find Spaghetti with Teriyaki Chicken, Kimchi Soup Udon, Bulgogi Beef Ramen etc.  Multi-national "combination" lolxx....

 All set meals comes with free flow drinks of your choice.  You will be spoiled with choices of coffee/tea and soft drinks.

That's not all!  They have free-flow ice-cream too!

Filled up the glass with root beer and popped in a ball of ice-cream!
That's my root beer float, heeheehee......

Sambal Salmon Set S$8.90
Super value for money!  Plus free-flow drinks and ice-cream, I don't think you can get this bargain even at foodcourt!

The sambal chilli was actually quite good and we asked for extra serving of it.

Green + Tofu Set S$8.90

Yummy tofu, stole some sambal salmon to complete the meal.

Chicken Ramen S$13.50
Not fantastic but the portion was very generous.

The ramen came with korean and jap side dishes.
My first time eating kimchi and edamame together lolxx..

Chawanmushi S$1!!

The bill for our family of 4, hur hur hur...... eat full full without burning pockets.
The address is print in the bill, so take note if you are interested to visit.

It's economical, so be fair, don't expect high end restaurant's food quality.
Service was pleasant and fast, it's sure another alternative to crowded food courts.

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