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Saturday, 13 July 2013

My 1st Personalised Vanity Trove!


Did you realise that Vanity Trove has changed a new color coat?
Not only that, beauty items are now self-pick instead of pre-pack.
It delivers within 7 working days instead of once a month!
Still blur?  You must have missed my previous post!  Click here to find out how to order HERE

Every Vanity Trove Beauty Blogger now gets their very own customised trove and so you guys will get to read different reviews!
How not to love these products when I had picked them myself <3 <3

Now, time to show-off MY Vanity Trove!

BRANDS' Inner Shine 50ml
It's chilling in my fridge now ^^


PureDKNY Rose 1.5ml

Lovely rose scent!  I want to smell like a rose garden!  This is it after I finish my current perfume, hoohoohoo.....


Estee Lauder Wrinkle Lifting/Firming Serum 7ml
Being the oldest blogger around (anyone older than me??), I need anti-aging products more than any other beauty bloggers!

Comes with a mini spatula attached to the cap, very convenient to use.
I had actually tried this product before. Including it in my Vanity Trove box cos' I really love the velvet feel on my skin after apply.  Estee Lauder is not exactly cheap, so it would be nice to try the product before purchasing the full size :)


Zao Compact Powder 9g
Product from Italy.  If you had been following my Instagram @susan_wong, you know my compact powder shattered, I need this, yes.


Dr Ci:Labo Super Washing Foam 8g
Made in Japan, odourless, slightly foamy, lovely!  Keeping it for travelling.


Princess Pinki 15ml full size
Princess Pinki made in Korea, it's a cream that turns your lips, cheeks and nipples.... *shy* PINK!!

It's very pale pink in color, tried on my lips first!


AFTER 30 seconds

AFTER 3 mins
My goodness, it's so dark pink that I quickly wiped off some away before the pink stain "settled" down.
But I guessed I wiped off too much and the color was gone after dinner lolxx....

After the trial on my lips, I apply very little on my cheeks to achieve a healthy flush.
ps.  No need to wonder, my double eye lids are natural.
The color didn't stay as expected, it was washed off after a shower.
But I like it as I can use it without make up :)

My finger also turned pink as I used it to apply on my cheeks, haahaahaaa.....

If you have any questions about Vanity Trove or on the above beauty products, just drop me a comment or email or which ever way you are comfortable with.  I'll try my best to help.  I am sooooooo happy with my customized Vanity Trove and I hope my readers can enjoy your very own Vanity Trove too.

At just S$25, this beautiful box of joy is yours!   And hey, it makes a great gift too!
Don't wait already, click in lah:

Disclaimer -
Please note that I am not affiliated or in any way linked to this brand.  Review is based on my own experience. Product may or may not be suitable for other individuals.

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