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Thursday, 18 January 2018

King's Laksa Steamboat is open for CNY!

Date of visit: 10.01.2018

It's a eternal regret having summer all year round to me.  It's a bit cooler these few days, though not enough for never melt ice-cream indulge, but we have steamboat ✌✌

King's Laksa Steamboat is now run by a lovely couple Emily and Harry.

The price of this neighborhood restaurant is very reasonable, one can just swing over to satisfy steamboat cravings.

Message from the owners:

So we did!  Each table comes with this laminated menu for us to chose the soup base, finger food and fresh items where the kitchen will prepare upon order (unlimited of course).
Laksa is their signature soup base which is made from the scratch in their own kitchen.  So it's a MUST ORDER!  We had herbal soup base to pair with, recommended by Emily.

The "help yourself corner" is right at the end of the little restaurant.

Balls of different kinds to chose from, plenty of vegetables too..... and they have froze tofu (冻豆腐)!

Do you know that froze tofu (冻豆腐)  is one of the best food to go with steamboat?
The holes/pockets in froze tofu are able to absorb soup base like a sponge.  So when you put it in your mouth, it sprays............ imagine how shiok.

Eggs, fried bean curd skin, noodles and that rice cooker with homely feel...

Not forget the sauce and condiments bar.

Free flow drinks.

Sweet note on the wall.

King's Laksa Steamboat feast for my king, and that makes me a queen for the day!

Prawn paste chicken is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, juicy and flavorful, pipping hot straight from the kitchen.

Deep fried silken tofu with sweet sour is another crowd pleaser too!

We ordered cockles and went through the hassle of shelling for that....

Custome made SUPREME LAKSA!
The experience is very different from having a unsusal bowl of laksa outside.  As in the laksa gravy is bubbling hot and gets more and more flavorful as it boils.  You can have the whole world of "hum", tau pok, eggs, fish cakes, also upgrading your laksa noodle with prawns.

Adjusting the electric stove is a bit tacky.  Though easily overcome by poking with a chopstick, I hope to see improvement, which may involve replacement of new tables and stoves to fit the hot pot, hefty renovation that will be....

Making use of every space, cashier and ice cream are together.

麻雀虽小五脏俱全 (small but all inclusive)  Ice cream flavors such as mint, strawberry cherry, sweet corn, chocolate with chips, cookies & cream, vanilla chips, yam etc., spoiling customers with choice.

We ate whatever we could lolxx...

King's Laksa Steamboat will be open during and throughout
Chinese New Year!

Tables are limited.
Tel: 6287 8010

Opening hours: 11am - 11pm

15 to 17 Feb (Eve, CNY 1 and CNY 2):
Adult: S$30.80++
Child ( 6 - 11 years old): S$19.80++

Prices unchange for other dates will before and after 15 to 17 Feb:
17 Teck Chye Terrance
Singapore 545724

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