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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Hokkaido 8D7N - Day 7 (Sapporo)

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Destination: Hokkaido Japan
Duration: 8D7N 14th Dec to 21 Dec 2017
Mode of Travel:  Hokkaido Passion Package Tour with Chan Brothers Travel
Flight: SQ to Tokyo, Air Do/ANA domestic to Hokkaido
Damage: S$3451/per pax (including all transportation, 7 breakfasts, 5 lunches and 6 dinners).
Tipping for tour guide and drive ¥6400/per pax (approx. S$80)
Travel Buddies:  Voo family of 4 with 2 teenage boys
Weather: 1 to -16 degrees with plenty of snow
Currency: We divide Yen with 80 to convert to S$
Time difference: 1 hour ahead of Singapore

Day 7

Outline itinerary 
* Mount Kyusan
* Ishiya Chocolate Factory
* Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade
* Odori Park

There's a long silent break since the last post cos' I was busy preparing for the coming Cambodia trip and I had also fell quite ill for more than a week.  So still absurdly blogging about my winter holiday until now, it's summer >.<

Anyway, this brought back fond memories, the desire of going back to Japan is driving me crazy inside out lolxx....

So, Day 7 began early in the morning as usual.  Hotel window was bigger than TV screen.

So beautiful with mountains as backdrop.
   If only I can have such view at home, but sadly I only see the multi-storey car park and flats with occasional birds flew by.

Love the hotel's buffet cafe with high ceiling and glass panels.

So, we had buffet breakfast with the kind of snow view that couldn't be brought back to Singapore.

The snow accumulated at the ledge looked incredibly soft and smooth.  Lake Akan's surface was frozen with a dormant jetty.

My awesome porridge breakfast.

Our eyes were duo-tasking on food and Lake Akan.  Not sure when and how, we saw a cloud slowly floating and moving above the lake.

We went waaaaaaa.........

After breakfast we were on the road again.  The frost on the glass panel of our coach was crazy beautiful.

After a 3hrs long ride, we were rewarded with a special toilet break.

Not only it's spotlessly clean (cleaner than my own house's) and it's so cozy!

I didn't want to leave even when I had no other business lolxx...

But awaiting was an out of the world scenery behind the cozy washroom.

Took a pic of map in the park.  Seemed to have numerous spots for exploring.

If I wasn't wrong, we were looking at Mount Kyusan 久山岳.
The vast of snow field seemed endless under the clear blue sky.  I wanted to embrace it with my arms, but I was too tiny of course.

My zoom lens not bad de, so was the person holding it.  Sometimes I did it right.

Too beautiful to be real right?

Somehow didn't feel as cold as -4 at that time.

It's about lunch time and this was it:

Buffet lunch.
Lots of stir fried dishes that looked chinese but taste japanese.

It's a small restaurant, could cater perhaps 100 pax or less.

These plate plus udon.

Pudding and some bites of cake to end the meal.

After a relaxing lunch, we were on the way to a famous destination.

We drove pass Kotonihassamu River 琴似凳寒川. 

Ishiya Chocolate Factory
2 Chome-11-36 Miyanosawa 2 Jo, Nishi Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 063-0052, Japan

With a clock tower, the western style building didn't look like factory at all.  We were given 1.5hrs or so which wasn't quite enough to really admire the museum's.

We were asked to follow the cute cat paw prints.

This was a tourist photo booth which we quickly walked pass.

In love with the flooring and tinted panel glass designs.

It's a pity that we didn't have time to look at the cups one by one.

Only a few workers were in the factory, so I guess they should have another factory which does serious production.  And this over here was perhaps to satisfy curious tourists.

So yeah, I was at White Lover's Chocolate Factory on 20 Dec 2017 and Merry Xmas lolxx...

The cat paws ended in the retail shop of chocolate of course.  There were rock candies on sale too.
We didn't buy any chocolate here, cos our tour guide got better lobang.

We bought ice-cream.

I bet there's one gallon of concentrate milk in this cone!  FREAKING NICE sia!!!
  Better than the rainbow one.  So don't get carried away and get too busy buying chocolate, MUST TRY THEIR ICE CREAM!  Couldn't remember the price, but sure not expensive, just buy and lick to your heart contend!

The first apple tree I ever seen in my life and it's botak lolxx...
It must be beautiful in Spring or Summer.

We "sacrifice" time indoor to loiter around their outdoor which was like a playground.

They had houses built for elves children.

Some were too small to squeeze in.

It's clever to wrap the trees up in pastel color garni sack, they became candy-like decors in the snow.

Even the smoking room looked nice.

Candy House which immediately reminds me of Hansel and Gretel.

And a tree house, very fairy tale.

Plenty of Xmas trees.

I sniffed and inhale the natural fragrance from the pines for dear life.

I itchy hand, after this photo, I went to smack the snow on the branches.
 Karma was immediate.  One pile of snow fell onto me and some went into my coat.  My sons laughed until pass away.

Cute houses but not sure if they were functionable.  As in were they real buildings?

Moving on towards the bustling area of Hokkaido....

Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade
Japan, 〒060-0062 Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo, 南2中黒3条西1丁目

Our tour guide's private lobang where we bought whatever we want with some discount.  And the best part, our cookies and chocolates were safely packed in carton for easy check-in on plane.

We walked around and dumped a small fortune in Taito Station without any harvest, but it was great fun lolxx...
We only managed part of the street and headed for early dinner here:

Miyanomori Grill
28-1-1 Kita3-Jonishi Chuo-kuSapporo 064-0823, Hokkaido

+81 11-633-8989

Our reservation, haahaaahaa....

Seafood platter for each table.

Pork and beef.

They had a small section for big eaters to top up as much as they could stomach.

The gang of us ordered wagyu beef, each steak was about 200g with a slit throat price of S$100++

Only salt and pepper was used for seasoning.

It was our first time (hope it's not the last cos it's so costly) eating beef that melts in the mouth!  It's buttery beefy without any stench of blood.  Texture was soft as if it's stew for hours while the taste was very rich though only salt and pepper was used.  I chew until I couldn't bare to swallow sia.
All the beef I had eaten in the all countries or in Singapore, couldn't beat this!  My gawd........

Other tour mates ordered abalones, palm size. Boiled alive, not sure how's the taste.

Ate until very full, 饱饱。

After dinner, we took a stroll at Odori Park.

They called the Christmas lightings Sapporo White Illumination.  Or not exactly Christmas lightings but winter lightings.

The lightings were mostly on the ground and restricted only within this area, unlike ours hanging all over buildings, trees, every corner every where.  But it was still good to see something different from our own.

Photo taking took about 30mins or slightly more before we were driven back to the hotel to thaw ourselves.

Last accommodation in Hokkaido:
Sapporo Ibis Styles Hotel
064-0808 Hokkaido Prefecture, Sapporo

It's chic and new, not big, with a cafe near the reception.

It was more spacious than expected.  Beddings were fresh and comfortable enough.

Washroom with smart WC.

Already weary but still need to chiong for our last night in Hokkaido.  The hotel was 15mins walk away from Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade, walked until I breathless de....

We managed to find Daiso which was around the corner.  5 floors of Daiso!  We bought honey dew mento and some other little stuffs.

Passed by Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade again on our way to Donki.

I couldn't remember the directions already, but it's not difficult with google map.
It open 24hrs and it was crazy crowded with both locals and tourists at 10pm.

I spend one whole hour chosing my daily disposable contact lens.  Soooooooo... many to chose from!
Then another one hour to queue at the cashier with tax refund -___-|||

After that I explored other floors, did saw a few things I interested to buy but the thought of going through the long queue was a pain, so nay....

Second hand LV were like pasar malam bags here.  Attractive deal, should had grabbed one.
I wished I could shop till dawn but my stamina was like a spoiled handphone battery, went flat very fast, charged too slowly.

We went Mcdonald's for supper and to rest our almost broken legs.

Eating and enjoy the mid night view of Sapporo.

There wasn't any chilli sauce, sad lolxx..

We dragged ourselves back to the hotel.  Just as I was feeling a little blue that our winter vacation was going to be over soon, there were a few male escorts approached me along the street heeheehee....  They super well dressed with makeup sia.  If hubby and kids not with me, I would like to hire one to drink with me waahaahaaahaa.....

Okie, I am finally left with Day 8, the last post.  I hope to get it done before I leave for Cambodia.

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