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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

德宝 Tak Po Tim Sum

Date of visit: 09.11.2013

This post is a bit back dated, but I guess nobody minds, cos' it's a 点心 Tim Sum review!

点心 Tim Sum is a important food culture originated from China, mostly served in bamboo steamers in small portions.  People in olden days eat Tim Sum as breakfast or as tea break.  But now, just eat when you are hungry!

Tak Po is tucked in a small lane of Chinatown.

Small aircon indoor dinning area almost fully occupied by 8.30am.

Tim Sum menu price range S$0.80 - S$4.20.

Porridge and claypot dishes menu, price range S$3.50 - S$16.00.

Through a glass panel, part of the kitchen can be view.

Chinese Tea (refillable) S$1.20/pax 

Pork Ribs with black beans S$2.80
Taste good, but black beans were missing lolxx...

Paper wrapped chicken S$2.00

Chicken meat was tender but lack of intensive flavour.

Fish Belly Congee S$4.50
Hubby wanted pork congee but made a wrong order.  It turned out to be a surprise.

Congee was in perfect smooth texture with generous chunks of fresh fish belly.  Never know fish porridge could taste this good!  Super worth the price! 赞!

Mango Spring Roll S$3.80

No complains but the combination taste weird to me with oil coating the mango.

Prawn in beancurd skin S$3.60
 The beancurd skin looked......... horrible :X

 The consolation was that the succulent prawn fillings made it up.

Saw other tables ordered raw fish which looked so tempting, coming back for more congee too.

Couldn't wait to 杀青 the last 2 episode of some drama, my black cardi turned into a mini dark theatre on my way back home >.<

Tak Po
42 Smith Street
Singapore 6225 0302

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