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Thursday, 23 January 2014

8 Days in Beijing - Day 5

Date of travel: 16.12.2013

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Black hat: Greece (I think)
Red scarf: Hunan China (which I left it on the bus most of the time)
Sweater with red hearts: Taobao (it's so long that I wore it as a dress wtf)
Leggings: Uniqlo
Boots: Bugis Village
Purple wool jacket: Taobao (not in this pic but you'll see as you scroll down)


Day 5 Highlight

TianJin 天津


Had breakfast with my eye half close at 7am.
I missed the oatmeal porridge very very much now T____T

First stop was at 同仁堂 Tong Ren Tang Medical.
 We bought a pack of inexpensive powder 枇杷, mixed with water to drink.  That saved our dry and sore throats else we might fall sick.  We finished the whole box the next day and didn't take pic of it >.<

Of course, what they tried to sell was those hundred dollars medicine.  Mererly took my pulse and could diagnosed my gastric problem.  I knew my body so............

Here's my S$100++ medication for my weak gastric T_______T

Travelling toward TianJin 天津.

Reached this place for lunch and bought tibits.

I only remembered I bought dried baby abalone to brew soup, other tibits were all eaten up long before this blog post is done.  Couldn't remember what we bought, cos' they weren't expensive stuffs.


天津狗不理包子 TianJin Meat Bun (middle pic) was nothing impressive at all.

Here's TianJin's Fifth Avenue 天津五大道 with many horse carriages waiting for tourists.

This red carriage so pretty!

On the go..........

The local female guide obviously not in her best mood, introduced the buildings in monotone.  Who and which famous person stayed in this and that mansion, blah blah blah, I totally catch no ball.

As soon as we got off the carriage the male horse pee a big pool of urine >.<   First time see horse pee, it was gushhhhhhhh............ like my kitchen tap in full blast!   It was more fascinating than the carriage ride lolxx.....

After the care giver splashed the urine away, I stood beside it to take a pic.  Hubby kept asking me to stand closer, but I was afraid it might bite me >.< so yeah, made do with this (distant).

We bought hard liquor along to keep ourselves warm.  I think it's Hennessy inside.

Walk walk at JinMen Guli 津门故里
It's an ancient cultural street, obviously opened for tourist, selling traditional handicrafts, some souvenirs.  Managed to get a book of  gu zheng 古筝music scores for my sis!  Other than that, nothing much already.

This tank was outside JinMen Guli 津门故里, not sure if it's real or for decor.

Unique clock became a land mark near the bullet train station.

Took pic cos' I like the botak trees.

Our tour guide put us in KFC while he went to buy bullet train tickets for us to return to Beijing.

He took like forever till the sky turned dark.  He came back apologised profusely that he forgotten to buy his own ticket and queued again, lolxx..... no biggie actually.

So here's what we saw once entered into Tianjin's bullet train station.

Took the escalator up and there's this very big painting on the entire ceiling.  Damn beautiful but my camera cannot capture everything, so this a portion of it.

The station is HUGE like an airport.

Perk of being in tour group, we were given priority to enter first.  So quick quick took pic with the bullet train.

Very much like air plane.

Lots of leg space and the seats can be declined.

The fastest speed it went was 290km/h

It was 3°C that evening.

Bought this little key chain cum torch light on board as souvenir RMB10.

Sun set was beautiful when we were back to Beijing.

It's dry and cold (of course since it's winter), but the sky was blue and clear, we did not see any air pollution whatsoever.   We must be so lucky I guess.


It was a dumpling feast.

Not bad, but fillings too stingy.

Veg with egg yolk fillings, refreshing, ate plenty without feeling guilty.

3 more days to cover, I am relieve, heehee....  Day 6 was about Chengde 承德 and we finally made to 海底捞 hotpot in China!!

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