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Thursday, 16 January 2014

8 Days in Beijing - Day 4

Date of travel: 15.12.2013

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Day 4 Highlights

Ming Tombs 明十三陵
The Great Wall 万里长城


Cream picasso cap: kid sis's
Dusty pink ear muffs: bought on Day 2 RMB35
Rose print down Jacket: Hunan, China
Cream pants: Uniqlo
Cream boots: Taobao
Act cute selfie 卖萌自拍

Breakie at 7.30am.

Ming DynastyTombs 明十三陵
It's a cemetery 13 Ming Dynasty Emperors, constructed from 1409 - 1644.   It's a graveyard after all, so not much photos were taken  >.<  choy choy .....

The Stele of Sacred Merits

Among 13 tombs only one was excavated - Dingling 定陵
Exterior of Dingling 定陵

It is tomb of Wanli Emperor 万历皇帝 and his 2 empresses.  Excavation took place in 1956, but sadly due to political mass in 1966, the bodies were being burnt and many artifacts were being destroyed.  This was really an unfortunate dent, it was such a shame and pain that the rest of the 12 tombs were remained untouched till today.

Personally, I feel that with today's civilisation and technology, history is unlikely to repeat.  Excavating the remaining 12 tombs may contribute a lot more discoveries which will help us to know more about history of China, also brings archaeology to another milestone.  Leaving the tombs untouched may not be the best way to protect them after all.  I am dead curious and am sure I am not the only one, heehee...

Back to the tour, I did not take any photos inside the tomb.  But to share what I saw, the tomb was about 27m underground, it's incredible compared to commoners (normally depth for coffins is about 2 or 3m am I right?)  It was hard to image during those ancient days without machines, how they managed to dig so deep and build the underground palace.  The marbled interior, the genius architecture was very amazing to me.  Then, the displays inside including the coffins are mostly replica, so I wasn't too interested.

The last blurry pic I took outside Dingling 定陵, it looked so mysterious.
The tour guide lead us out of the tomb, we pat "dust" (or "qi" 气 you may call it) away our shoulders and body and shouted "We are out!" as we walked out of the cemetery.

If you ever visit Ming Tombs, do drop by their 4-star washroom, heehee...


The Great Wall 万里长城
As most people know, the wall stretches more than thousands of km.  We visited the section at Ju Yong Guan 居庸关。

Fat butt's making her way up ^^

Stepping onto The Great Wall, stepped into thousands of years of history.  Beneath my feet were sacrifices of ancestors, with blood, sweat and tears.

Then, these brainless people can vandalise it!   Really shameful lor.  Boils my blood .V.  Scribble on your own house's walls lah, stupid!
So please, you may not be interested in historical preserves but if you had been to school, should know that vandalising is wrong, behave.

Disgusting "love locks" that spoils the beauty of Great Wall.
If the person is not meant to be, no matter how many locks you pledge your love also meaningless lor.  Pattern more than badminton, The Great Wall is no Christmas tree sia, really eye sore.

Narrated in cantonese, my voice is quite annoying but I can't help it.   I think I'll speak less and blog more >.<

Translate a bit, I was saying I climbed only a short flight of stairs but pant like hell cos' some steps were more than a foot high.  I could go further up but when I looked down, I knew I would had a harder time going down the irregular steps.  I had this fear in me that if I not stable enough or missed a step, rolled down, I'll die a horrible death like humpty dumpty.

For once, I was glad that it didn't snow, else it's going to be so difficult to move about.

By the time I made my way down, my tour mates all gone lolxxx....  It was a blessing in disguise that I lost my way and walked to this section.

Asked a passer-by to take pic for me.
On the tablet, super curvy chinese characters that reads:
到了长城无遗憾,下了长城一身汗!(last 2 sentences I add in one, heehee....)

Majestic view, taken with handphone.

Love looking at these botak trees.

Then visited 宝树棠, bought a medical cream for skin.  Can be use for burns, sun-burn, rashes and minor discomforts.
Actually, am just showing off my creamy outfit.


Have 4 more days to blog, phew....  Thank you for reading ^^


  1. I had such a hard time climbing the wall because at that time it was REALLY cold and the wind was so strong and the steps of the wall were so narrow and steep :P
    The way down the wall was the scariest because it was really really steep :O

  2. Yay, coming down was scary! I heard 八达岭 easier to climb but very crowded.