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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Against Hunting

Many centuries ago, our ancestors hunt, cos' then, they need food to keep alive.  Humans also hunt to save guard their house which were then more vulnerable on low grounds and rural villages.

Our environment has been changed drastically, so much so that temperaments of animals are changed too.  Cats don't chase after mice any more, dogs and cats can be good friends already.

Even fierce canivores are behaving with more compassion.....

While humans are behaving like beast....
Very infamous Walter Palmer (on the left) emphasis that he hunted/killed Cecil, the Zimbawee Lion "legally" when he and his gang were despicable enough to lure Cecil out of the protected reserve.  He also claimed that he did not know the lion is a protected animal when they were the ones who removed Cecil's GPS collar and beheaded it.

How can you be so proud of killing....
Sabrina Corgatelli, with the giraffe she killed.  She said "Everything I've done here is legal, so how can you fault somebody because of their hobbies?"

So what if it's legal!?!
These animals deserve to die for your hobby?
These animals deserve to die so that you can satisfy the blood thirst lust in you to kill?


Where's is humanity?  Are there any, slightest bit of mercy in these hunters heart? 

We are human beings, our conscious tells us what is wrong and what is right, not the law.


If hunting continues, one day, we will only have ourselves to blame when these animals extinct under our arrows and guns.