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Monday, 3 August 2015

Wheeler's Yard

Date of visit: 10.05.2015

Although it didn't look like or sound like one, Wheeler's Yard is a cafe in a bicycle store.

While everybody calls this the entrance, this is actually the back of the cafe, as in, if you bang open the sky blue metal panels, you will find yourself in the cafe already.
I was too formally dressed (no choice, just knocked off from work) for such a country and hip looking background.  Nevertheless, photo is a must.  This panel has already became a important icon as a proof of visit lolxx...

So, one more pic, a candid one.  I had no idea why I looked so shock lolxx...

I can't cycle >.< and know nuts about bicycle, but everything was just fascinating.

Spotted 2 really cute vintage hair salon arm-chairs.
A guy was relaxing on the other chair enjoying his coffee, so didn't want to include him in the camera.

There are some tables for drinks and coffee at this Bicycle Atelier too.

So here we were, in the cafe with very high ceiling.

The interior was fun with enormous tables, big enough for bicycle displays as well as dinning.

Bicycles instead of flowers on the table.  Headphones if you need music, magazines if you are bored.

Placed our orders and paid at the counter.
My mom used to buy these biscuits when I was young.  I would eat up the colorful and sweet top and put back the plain biscuit buns into the tin >.<

Despite of the crowd, our food came within 10mins.
No service charge, only 7% GST, but as you can see from the bill, it's rather expensive for the 2 of us.

Latte S$5.00
I am no expert in coffee, but this was the best latte I ever had.  It's aromatic with a addictive slight bitterness in it.

Beef Burger S$18.90
Tiny beef patty with warm fluffy burger buns, nothing in particular to rave about.
But at the corner, the fries which came with it was really good!  Thin crispy coat, soft and mushy inside.  It "saved" the meal, but still, I feel that it's a bit too costly....

Beef Lasagne S$16.90
Lots of minced beef but it was too cheesy for my hub's liking.

Overall it's a interesting place to dine in, very nice coffee, still plenty of room for improvement on food.

Wheeler's Yard
28 Lor Ampas
Singapore 328781
Tel: 6254 9128

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