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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Yu Cun 漁村砂煲咖喱魚頭

Date of visit: 01.05.2015

This is just one small lane away from Old Street Bak Kut Teh, so we actually made a visit the very next weekend.

Non-aircon, but the interior is very interesting.

Vintage wall decor with Toa Payoh's Dragon Head and Singapore National Theatre was demolished in 1987.

Very cute "Post Box".

Vintage record player.

A private dinning room.
Every corner was so photo worth it, I looked horribly cui that day else I'll be in the above photos

Like Old Street Bak Kut Teh, they have Ipad menu too.

Those few famous food bloggers who blogged about Yu Cun did not mention anything about these, they just ate "blind folded" arh?   lolxx..... I mean besides taking nice photos of dishes and describing them until bing bing piang piang, it's also important to let readers know about the dining environment, so that people will know is it a place for family, for special occasions etc..

While everybody just "concentrate" on their signature Curry Fish Head, we discovered something surprisingly good...

3 Layer Milk Tea S$3.00
If you aren't keen at curry fish heads, fine, just order whatever you want to eat, but this is a MUST ORDER!
We were quite sure we tasted red bean inside, but the serving crew told us it's gula melaka with a guilty look on his face (it's hilarious).  So I suppose they didn't want to reveal the secret recipe.
Other than they had put in too much ice, it's heavenly!  I don't mind to pay a bit more for less ice, seriously.

Soursop Juice S$2.80
We resist the temptation of ordering another glass of their special milk tea so as to try others.  This was good with lots of soursop flesh beneath, but I still couldn't get enough of that ridiculously yummy milk tea.

Our "Get fat Curry Fish Head Feast".

Red Sea Bream Curry Fish Head S$25
Spicy level could be chosen, we choose normal which was too mild for us.  The curry was thick and slightly more to the saltish side.  Size of the fish head was justify for the price, it's fleshy and fresh.  It came with loads of fried beancurd skin which we didn't expect.  We even made an extra order of the beancurd skin but luckily it wasn't too expensive.  Overall it was still an enjoyable pot.

Fried Beancurd Skin S$2.80  

Deep fried buns S$3.80
Dipping bread buns in curry sauce is the most "primitive" way to enjoy it :P~~~

They have other zhi char dishes which we wished to try, but the 2 of us could only stomach this much.

Pic taken by their service crew.  We looked so well fed lolxx....
Their entire Facebook is flooded with pics of happy customers instead of their dishes lolxx...

Service charge is only 1%, totally worth it for the fast serving, friendly staffs and the clean and cozy ambience.

Yu Cun 漁村砂煲咖喱魚頭
147A Upper Paya Lebar Road
Singapore 534849
Tel: 6286 0491


  1. Hi Susan. I am not a Food Blogger, I think, it is not necessary for you to 'attack' others as 'blind folded'.

  2. Hi Susan Wong. I am not a Food Blogger,

  3. yeah i agree with Cephas... a bit uncalled for.. but i do enjoy reading the extra bits of info your blog provided.