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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Ssiksin Chicken and Snowman Desserts

Date of visit: 23.04.2015

This post is another eating place I tried at NEX.

Working in NEX is very "bo hua" for me - I ate my humble salary away and the remaining to pay my handphone bills, that's about it lolxx... But I suppose eating is not that bad as a hobby compared to gambling or collecting branded bags >.<

Anyway, moving up to the 2nd floor, just right beside Ministry Of Food, this Korean food place it's a bit "complicated".  We had to ask the serving crew as we weren't sure where to sit.

So......, Ssiksin Chicken and Snowman Desserts shares the same space, for Korean BBQ Buffet at Dae Ssik Sin, you will have to walk farther in at the left hand side.
We had already tried the BBQ buffet at Tampines One branch, so the Korean chicken and desserts were our "target".

Soya Sauce flavor fried wings (3pc) S$7.00
Rice S$2.00 (very unreasonable .V.)
The wings came with cabbage salad and pickled radish in lovely pink.  A Korean friend told me that in Korea, chicken are eaten as snacks.  But it's dinner time, we need rice.  We had to order a bowl, at least to share, although the price is ridiculous.

3 wings for S$7, works out to be S$2 each, the extra dollar perhaps goes to the salad and raddish pickle.
The wings were as crispy as it looked, the pipping hot meat was juicy with aroma of soya sauce and very tender.  I like the lining paper with newspaper print very much!  Where can I get it?

Disposable gloves were given, but I preferred to dirty my fingers and enjoy the process of licking them clean later.  Saw 2 ladies at the other table eating their wings with fork and spoon/knife as if they were eating chicken chops -___-|||

Melon Bingsu S$12.50
It came with a dish of condense milk, looking very pretty and photo worthy although the ice-cream was already melting.

As you can see here, it's the size of my face.... huge! lolxx...

Hubby and I had a tough sweet time trying to finish it, if not 浪费.
Thus my advise, share this with 3 or more pax.

I am trying my best to post up all my food hunts from the past few months, I don't like to drag for so long either...

Ssiksin Chicken and Snowman Desserts
Serangoon NEX

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