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Friday, 24 July 2015

5 Facts About Nails

Our hands, we use them everyday, we looked at them everyday, we pluck stapler bullets and open can drinks with nails etc...

Yet most of us have very little knowledge about nails.  There are also many online articles full of myths spreading around.  People just click Like & Share without filtering through their senses, thus many misconceptions about nails.

Let's clear the clouds and doubts....


1.  I need to "rest" my nails to let them breathe between manicures.

Painting colors over nails doesn't suffocate them as nails don't have lungs, NAILS DON'T BREATH. Nails are made of layers of keratin which are dead.

2.  Manicures are bad for nails, my nails became dry and brittle after removing nail polish/gel.
Old Park Lane Gel Effect Polish S$26 from NAILS INC.

Painting our nails aren't bad for nails.  In fact they are like a protective layer on our nails in a colorful and fun manner.  Of course, the polishes must be free from toxic chemicals like toluene and formaldehyde.
Chiltern Street Girl Gel Effect Polish S$26 from NAILS INC.

The dryness is caused by acetone in polish/gel removers.  Proper hydration is needed after removing colors.  It's like after removing make-up on face, we put on skincare for hydration.  Our nails deserve the same pampering too.  Nail/cuticle cream or oil cures the dryness and helps to prevent nails from peeling too.
Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme S$14 from BURT'S BEES

3.  Do I have fungus on my toes nails?!

To many people, it's difficult to tell between a bruise or a fungus infection on toe nails.  They both look greenish black, perhaps with some blues lolxx...

But when your pedicurist tried to scare and convince you that you got nail fungus, they may have an unethical intention to make you buy over-priced anti-fungus drips.  Stay calm, don't panic and don't get taken in.

If the color patch is not growing and it doesn't smell, it may be just a bruise.  The bruise however will not go off and can only be trimmed off, so it may take a few months to get rid of the ugly color completely.

If the color patch is not growing but smells a little rotten, or if it's getting larger with no smell, you may purchase anti-fungus drips from  the pharmacy (you will thank me for saving your pockets).  Home remedies such as dripping white vinegar or soaking in diluted dettol will kill the germs, after which, pat dry the infect area.

Very rarely and unfortunate, if the color patch is growing and spreading to other nails, smells rotten, go to your doctor!

4.  The base coat is lousy, my nails still stains.

The base coat may not be lousy.  The trick is to let the base coat COMPLETELY DRY before applying the colors coats.  Yes, it's so simple.

5.  Filing is bad for nails.

Just not too long ago, I had met a beauty workshop trainer with more than 10 years experience, advising people not to let manicurists file their nails or cut their cuticles.  All nail salons owners could had murder her on the spot lolxx....

The purpose of filing is to give nails a more precise shape which nail cutters can't.  It's also useful when you only need to shorten your nails slightly.  Using a cutter can sometimes trim off too much of the desire length.

Nail Files Soft Black and White S$6 from SEPHORA

However, filing is to be done gently and in one direction only.  The sawing movement of left and right will cause breakage of nails.

If the above doesn't address to your concerns about nails, just leave a comment, I'll try my best to answer.

*  I am a certified manicurist, having fun in nails grooming industry for more than 8 years ;)

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