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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Gills N Shells at Boss Hotel

Was invited to a food tasting at Hotel Boss which was 5 mins walk from Lavender MRT station.

I was very surprised by the hotel's posh lobby, as in I didn't expect to see such a big hotel in sub-urban area.

Here's Gills N Shells, a newly open restaurant and bar.

Outdoor dinning area has got what my friend call "fairy lights" on the ceiling (really quite romantic at night) and indoor seatings overlooking the kitchen and bar with a selection of beer and liquor.

VAL D'OCA Moscato Dolce S$42.90

This came before the dishes, I was having a sore throat so I gobbled down the entire glass as I had mistaken it as some sparkling juice or something >.<  It was a instant relieve to my miserable throat though.

This straw yellow color grape wine is sweet with aromatic flavor, low alcohol content 6.5%, however was enough to set me high without being entirely drunk.

Fresh oysters to start the dinner *smiling and swaying from left to right*

2pcs - S$8.90, half dozen - S$22.90, 1 dozen - S$39.90
Nobody needs tobasco sauce when the oysters are serve with classic mignonette sauce and green chilli marmalade.

If raw food is too "adventurous" for you, baked version is available at the same price.
Photo credit Gills and Shells
Baked oysters with Bacon Cheese with Herbs Tomato Sauce or Chef's Specialty Sauce!

Gills & Shells Crab Cakes S$12.90
We smell this before it arrived at our table, 香到.....  Breaded minced crab fat patties deep fried to perfect gold served with green salad and sour sauce.  Melt in your mouth is the description for it's soft texture.

Truffle Fries S$10.90
Chunky fries with generous loads of truffle oil.

Clams & Mussels S$15.90
If you like shells, this is a MUST ORDER!
This dish comes with 2 choices of broth base:
1) smoky herb tomato garlic sauce
2) spicy white wine clear broth with herbs, garlic, onions and chilli
We choose the second.  The broth was flavorful with distinctive white wine.  Served with focaccia toast which are freshly baked from the kitchen.  I can't decide which is better, the shells or the bread :P~~  Both won my taste buds and heart.

Wild Mushroom Soup S$6.90

Drizzled with truffle oil, mushrooms were cut into small tiny cubes making soup slurping very fun.  As in you can't just drink the soup like water, you need to chew onto the bouncy little mushroom cubes every spoonful.  This is another dish served with in-house fresh focaccia toast, I can't stress how much I love the toast.....

Crab Meat Pasta S$18.90
Pasta in cream and cheese sauce, upgraded with chunky juicy crab meat and wild fungi.

Lobster Roll S$24.90
Succulent lobster roll meat tossed in chef's specially sauce.

Truffled Infused Cod Fish S$24.90
Cod pan seared then baked to perfection.  The topping?  It's chinese preserved turnip, our term: cai po菜脯.

Australian Prime Rib Eye (220g) S$25.90
This huge but thin beef slab came looking like a pork chop lolxx...

A bit of the outer portion were well done, while the rest was in wonderful pink.  Beef was very tender, it's effortless to cut it, that means: MELT IN YOUR MOUTH.
After all these years, I finally found an affordable and delicious steak.

Tiramisu S$10.90
My all time favorite dessert.

Brownie with Ice Cream S$10.90
Another eye pleasing as well as delicious dessert for a sweet complete to the dinner.

Also, more Moscato.
Throughout the night, I was giggling more than a sane person due to the influence of Moscato.  But the above food photos proved that I wasn't drunk, heeheehee.....

The relaxing ambience makes it a great place to chill with friends.  Gonna visit again, but this time a date with le hubby.... dinning with "fairy lights" above us awwww.......

Gills N Shells
500 Jalan Sultan #01-19
Hotel Boss
Singapore 199020
Tel: 6493 2238

Opening hours: 3pm - 1am

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