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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Spicy Thai - Thai Cafe

Date: 22.03.2016

HAPPINESS was being invited for a food tasting at one of my favorite thai restaurant ^.^

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Spicy Thai - Thai Cafe has launched some new dishes, so we go!

Typical scenario of food tasting, heeheehee....

Tom Yum Seafood Fried Rice  S$6.00 (per serving for 1 pax)
 Fried rice is simple yet always tacky.  Too hard and grainy if under cook, too soggy of over cook.  And this is PERFECT!  No worries, not spicy at all, nice staple for the whole family young or old! 

Stir-fry Fish Maw, Crab Meat & Bean Sprouts S$18.00
Looks very much like fried kuey teow.   But instead of kuey teow, fish maw is used.   Cut into small pieces, bouncy to chew, bursting with flavors.

Fish Maw Crab Meat Abalone Soup in Coconut S$28.00
This can be share with 2 to 3 pax.  With expensive seafood within the thai coconut, it's a mini Buddha Jumps Over the Wall in thai style.  We normally find coconut flesh in desserts but in this savory soup, it's included and blends in magically.  It's something new and interesting to me.  This thick and rich soup is very enjoyable and pretty affordable I would say.

BBQ Japanese Squid with roe sauce (seasonal price)
Squids are imported from Japan, they are sooooooooo SWEET and JUICY!!  Roe is added in the savory dip sauce, you either like it or hate it, just like oysters.

Hommok (Thai style otah) S$18.00

Soft otah with lots of seafood hidden within, distinctive coconut taste, mild spiciness.  Photogenic and tasty!

Stir Fry Basil, Minced Chicken & Long Beans S$10.00
A simple dish but will make you fetch another bowl of rice.

Deep Fried Kang Kong with special sauce S$10.00
Had tried this before, it's still good!  Crunchy kang kong, you will love it as much as potato chips.  Serve with special chilli dip sauce.

Lala Bee Hoon S$18.00
Spicy Thai - Thai is really good at this dish.  The pepperish broth is fully infused into fresh clams and bee hoon, highly addictive!

BBQ Pork Belly S$18.00
For those who enjoys the bursting sensation of fats together with slightly charred crisp of lean meat.  Cholesterol just need to be forgotten when this plate is serve.

Deep Fried Sea Bass with Mango Salad (seasonal price)
Sea bass is deep fried to perfect golden brown, taste good even on it own.  The sweet and sour mango salad that came with the fish is saliva inducing even by looking at it.   After the rest of the table gotten their share, I buay pai seh, took the whole head to suck and nibble >.<  Very unglam, but very shiok, yummy big time.  I can't help turning myself into a cat when I see a fish, heehee....

Thai Curry Crab (seasonal price)
From a cat, I turn into a monster when I see crab!!!  Thick thai curry and egg sauce is finger licking good!  Delicious!  Personally would like it to be more spicy.  Still, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, rather than having the same chilli or black pepper crab.

Make space for thai desserts!
From the left: Red Ruby S$4.00, Mango Sticky Rice S$8.00, Tapioca with coconut milk S$4.00
Skip soft drinks, enjoy thai drinks!
Thai Ice Tea S$2.50 and
Thai Ice Lemongrass drink S$2.00

Spicy Thai - Thai Cafe operates like a zhi char but in thai style.  It's one of the best place for gatherings especially in big groups.  Besides thai dishes, they serves mookata too.  You may read about it HERE.  Do pop by and you will not be disappointed!

115 Aljunied Avenue 2 #01-35
Singapore 380115
Tel: 6747 8558

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