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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Chosungah 22 K Beauty

Was honored to be invited to launch of Chosungah 22 in SaSa.

I suppose some may not heard of Chosungah 22, it is an award-winning Korean cosmetics company!

Launch event was held at Arteastiq Social Painting Studio.

Make up artist came all the way from Korea to demonstrate how to create a natural Korean look and we gotten a few beauty tips from him ^.^

Let me show you some of the Chosungah 22 cosmetics...
Blend Fresh Mix (SPA30/PA++) S$58.00

This liquid foundation comes with a sponge applicator and promises to deliver the following:
* long-lasting and faultless coverage
* provide skin with extra moisture and nutrition (wow, skincare foundation sia!)
* whitening, anti-wrinkle and UV protection (SPA30/PA++)
* elevates volume and facial contour (means slimmer face!)
* fills in fine lines (oh god, I need this!)
Can't wait to try this but I still have a few bottles of half used foundations on the table staring at me >.<  金牌败家女

BROW MAKER Brow Tint (3 shades) S$55.00

My natural brows before makeup.  Basically I draw them longer and fill the sparse up.

I am trying the Black Brown shade in purple package.  I had been using eyebrow pencils all my life so this is something different and new to me.  It's tacky.
With pencils we draw eyebrows in "feather strokes", but with this, it's painting eyebrows like chinese calligraphy.  It takes a minute or so to be completely dry, after which it stayed for good 9 hours, no need to touch up at all.  The lasting power is amazing.  The amount of effort to remove these is the same as removing water-proof mascara.

JELLO COLOR KIT Eye Shadow S$60.00
Funky packaging that looks like a pencil case.

Opens up with a mirror and 6 colors.
These looked like any other eyeshadow powders in pots, but in reality, they are not powders.  They are FLUFFY CUSHIONS EYESHADOWS!!!  They are BOUNCY!  You can see them bounce back when your finger press and release, freaking fun to play with!  Texture is something like mousse.

The colors blends smoothly without flaking.  The shades are easy for daily wear and compliments all skin tones.
Colors description from the left:
#22PLUTO [MATTE IVORY]: A primer base color before applying the main color

#22VENUS [SPARKLE PINK]: A pink glitter to apply on the inner corners of your eyes to make them look bigger
#22JUPITER [MATTE BEIGE]: Natural beige brown that creates delicate shading on your eyelids
#22MERCURY [SPARKLE BRONZE]: A sparkling bronze that makes your eyes look deeper and profound
#22MARS [SPARKLE DARK BROWN]: A chocolate deep brown that forms dark points outside the corners of your eyes
#22BLACKHOLE [MATTE BLACK]: A Black that creates dark and bold lines

DUAL LIP TINT & GLOSS (4 shades) S$32.00

Having with me LACE: Orange tint and pink gloss

Applied the orange tint on the inner lips, then pink gloss on the entire lips for Korean gradation lips.
Need to go easy with the gloss as too much can be very thick and sticky.  The tint was very very lasting.  I wipe off the gloss during meal time and the tint "survived" after my meal!  Needs proper removing like eye makeups to remove it cleanly.

RED CHEEK SMOOTHER Blusher (3 shades) S$31.00

It's the first time I seen blushers in tube packaging.
Squeeze the tube and the color will ooze out from the sponge applicator.

Color swatch, from the left:
Application was extremely easy, just dab dab dab.  All the 3 three shades are very sweet and light with a dewy finish, it's impossible to end up like a opera singer no matter how you apply.  It takes about a minute to settle down.  After 9 hours, it looked as good as freshly applied without fading.  It's the most lasting blusher I had ever used.

Here's the overall look with:
BLACK BROWN Brow Maker Tint
SATIN PEACH Real Cheek Smoother and
LACE Duo Lip Tint & Gloss
Orange Peach colors make me look fairer and refreshing, heehee....

Find your strength instead of hiding your weakness in the process of makeup.
Find Chosungah 22 at Sasa.

Chosungah 22 is now available in Sasa stores, do check them out!
Click in for more information:

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