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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

My Winter Vacation Part 8 - Volga Manor 伏尔加庄园

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Destination:  HeiLongJiang (黑龙江), China

Duration: 23 - 30 Dec 2015 (8 days)

Mode of travel: Package with Chan Brothers Travel

Flight: Air China  (via Beijing)

Damage: S$1,878/pax, Tour Guide Tip: RMB200  Local Guide Tip: S$16, other compulsory/optional tours: RMB1,420 (slit throat + heart bleed)

Currency: RMB (we rough divide by 4.5 to convert to S$)

Time Difference:  Same as Singapore

Weather: -22 to -30°C



I had wanted to finish the entire Harbin trip as soon as possible, a bit stupid to be still posting about winter in Spring lolxx...  Anyway, I need to continue from where I had stopped no matter how lame others find this, cos' I am my own reader.  I do read back my posts, then hor can find typing errors some more lolxx....

I spend so much time taking photos, I was behind the group most of the time (since when I wasn't anyway).  I was always running to catch up with the others.  But come to think of it, isn't that what I do in life?   Running and running just to catch up with dreams, with time, with money, with other people, with everything...

So I was running and running in Volga Manor the entire afternoon.

Day was short as usual, night fell around 4pm, we had to head back to the hotel.
Here's how the room looked like with 2 super single beds.
 We never had a king bed all these days lolxx... We thawed comfortably anyway, I am not fussy with accommodations.

Rest was very much needed, then we head out for dinner.
Sorry, I haven't learn how to take night shots.

The interior was delightful with bright colors.

The entire atas setting gave me high expectations on the food which however was a little bit disappointing.

One of the lady's birthday, her husband gotten her a beautiful rose cake <3
It was yummyyyyyy....

Western food at long last after 6 days of almost repeated kind of chinese food.

I only managed to get some of the names and prices of the dishes....
得莫利格瓦斯 Kvass
 It's a low alcohol drink made from bread.  Yes, BREAD!!!  And it tasted like bread lolxx.... it's amazing and amusing!  Can you imagine that feel of drinking bread!!  Very common in Harbin, Russia and some parts of Europe but something fascinating and new to us!
Now I feel like crying for not bringing back a few bottles of these T__T

Very salty roe...

俄式红菜汤  Borscht RMB18
The red color comes from beetroot.

Within were some beef strips, cabbage and carrot, not bad.

墨西哥碳烤猪大排  Mexican Pork Ribs RMB158
Quite tasty but we were given one rib each, not enough sia, 不够塞牙缝 >.<

Some breaded fish fillet, obviously came from frozen packets.

Some soup with cubes of giant mushrooms, damn nice to chew.

Broccoli and mushroom in cream sauce.

Baked dory fish, I hate dory fish >.<

Strawberry mousse cake, nice.

After dinner, walked around the restaurant admiring from ceiling to walls.

Volga Manor was cold and dark at night.

I presumed this pub was the only entertainment available at night, but we were too tired anyway.
Slept early, preparing ourselves for another exciting day.



Next morning!
Bunny wanna be, if only I could find a beige color ski-pants >.<

The sign board said "Do not go into the river."  But the river was completely frozen lolxx..

Frozen river.

The place we had breakfast.

Looking fat yet hungry me >.<

Another pretty interior, but our breakfast was upstairs which wasn't so fanciful.

I had 油条 fried dough, steam egg, some cucumber, ham and hot dog to go with red bean porridge while hubby had a heap of don't know what.
The above was the only clear pic of the beige mittens which my sis bought from Tokyo.  I put warmers into these cute mittens and they were life saving.  And the best part, I was able to handle my camera at ease wearing them.  However, I lost one of it during later part of the day T___T

Winter morning with lazy sun and grey sky.

Quiet boat jetty.

Boat hibernating on frozen river.

We went onto the river, heehee.... it was totally safe, there was no way it would melt.  Sitting on the river, act cute.
Photo credit: Snap Snap
These photos brings back so much fond memories.... I must save harder to travel more.
Photo credit: Snap Snap
The place was too beautiful, I was really reluctant to leave....

I swept the floor outside our hotel before checking out.
Just kidding, I was actually playing with it :P

The one and only pic of the hotel taken from the bus before we drove off.

We were on the road again, travelling back to Harbin city.

Next and I think should be the last, will be on St. Sophia Cathedral along with Central Street and The annual Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival.


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