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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Easy and Healthy with Garden Picks

Ever since I found Garden Picks, a online store selling healthy and organic dried food, life have been so much easier, seriously.

I don't have to coax or beg my hubby and kids to eat or drink healthy food.  They will come chasing after me for more.

Scroll down and you will be surprise how easily this can be done!
Black Sesame Pudding with Chia Seeds & Nata De Coco
Black Sesame pudding bought from Daiso, the pudding is light grey in color but somehow looks whitish here.  I soaked the Chia seeds with Nata De Coco and it's syrup.  When the seeds puffed up like pearls (they do look frog eggs lolxx...), I add them onto the pudding.  Preparation was less than 10mins, just that the refrigerating part takes about 4 hours for both the pudding and sweeten chia seeds.

Another version....

Almond Pudding with Chia Seeds
Almond pudding mix, also from Daiso.  I soak the Chia seeds with fresh milk before putting them onto the pudding.  Can topped with some fruits to make it more colorful, but I was too lazy busy.  

Nevertheless, was yummy and healthy with Chia seeds packed with:

* Omega-3 fatty acids 
(good cholesterol which protects against heart attack and stroke)

* Antioxidants
(so that we don't fall sick so easily)

* Magnesium, Zinc, Iron & Calcium
(for healthy bones)

* Fiber
(good for me with constipation problems, good for my children who hates vegetables)

* Proteins
(growing children needs them and adult needs proteins to improve muscle mass, stabilize blood sugar levels, and yup, in another words improve your mood! lolxx..)

I have been taking Garden Picks Chia Seeds (from Bolivia) regularly.  It's odorless and tasteless, can be added into anything and everything!

Here's another lazy woman cum empty fridge dish:

Canned Spicy Pork Cubes with cucumber & Chia Seeds
Not trying to promote canned food, but to show how incredibly easy Chia seeds are.

Had added Chia seeds in pancake mix and stir fried dishes, click HERE.

Most of the time, I add one or 2 tablespoons of Chia seeds into my water tumbler and have them bit by bit throughout the day, it makes plain water fun to drink, heehee....

Garden Picks Chia seeds are very affordable at S$10.00 for 3 packets of 120gm.
Click HERE to purchase Bolivia Chia Seeds!


Kind folks of Garden Picks also send me Quinoa to try.
Something new to me and looks like bird seeds, heehee...

Basically Quinoa gets cooked like rice, ie. boiling and it's as filling as rice but less fattening.
Quinoa is a great wheat-free alternative to starchy grains with benefits including protein, fibre and amino acids.

Quinoa can be serve as part of salads/dishes or as staple.

Garden Picks Tri-Color Quinoa looks pretty, so I used it to make some snacks:

Prawns & Butter Quinoa on crackers
I simply marinade shelled prawns with salt, white wine and pepper, then pan fried lightly.  For Quinoa, I fried minced garlic with butter, add Quinoa and water with a bit of salt and pepper to simmer for about 20 mins.  Piled the ingredients up and it's a delightful pretty looking snack.  Chilli or tabasco sauce can be added if you like them spicy.
Click HERE to purchase Tri-Color Quinoa!


Endless fun in a healthy way!  Also tried Garden Picks Black Forest Granola.
It's a great mix with Toasted Oats, Chocolate Buttons, Pumpkin Seeds, USA Cranberry, Black Raisins & Organic Toasted Coconut Flakes!  Specially packed for people who wants everything!

You are looking at my morning breakfast of oatmeal with Black Forest Granola added for extra yummy-ness and goodness!

Here's another breakfast when I am not lazy lolxx....  Added Black Forest Granola to go with baby spinach.  And oh yes, Chia seeds were sprinkled on the half cooked egg too!

Click HERE to puchase Black Forest Granola!

So you see, you can add in more nutrition to home-cooked food quite effortlessly with Garden Picks products.

Order Garden Picks goodies online now at
And it will be delivered to your door step ^.^

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