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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Don't Tell Mama

Date of visit: 5.1.2017

Don't Tell Mama, a naughty name for a Korean-Mexican Fusion Bistro.
You may probably be more familiar with Chicken Up than Don't Tell Mama
Let you know here:  They are "sisters"! (as in both are under the same management.)

Back to this very special Korean-Mexican Fusion Bistro.
Yes it's hard to imagine:
Korean + Mexican = ???
You will find out soon!

Don't tell Mama is along Tanjong Pagar Road.  Not easy to spot but once found you will be like "Oh it's here!"  Just besides Chicken Up.

The wine bar counter occupies the front leaving a secretive passage way leading into darkness......(actually not too dark lolxx...)  Rustic pipe lights and raw varnished concrete walls, suggested that you can really let your hair down and relax.

My friends and I found our "territory" under a tree.
 The handcrafted pallet tables are accompanied by recycled plastic crates alongside with the oil drums and tire tables, where goodies started to roll in.

And these huge ones came first:

From the left:
Summerita (Grapeful + Tequila + Soju)
Straberrita (Strawberry + Tequila + Soju)
Lycherita (Lychee + Tequila + Soju)
The frozen cocktails with Soju is S$25 each.  You may also chose Mexican or Korean Beer instead of Soju at S$22.  Other flavors available are Lime, Apple, Blueberry and Mango.

Slurp slurp slurp, nice and fruity sweet with addictive soju, slurping my way with an almost empty stomach, my friends were preparing themselves..... for me.

It's a bit challenging to take food pics in the dim, but we are professional bloggers, heeheehee.... the force are with us!  Waaahaahaaaa........

Nacho Cheese Omelette S$8.00
Eggs, cheese and chips all camouflaging each other in a plate of yellow.  This is a fun plate with cracking crisps from the chips and soft richness from cheese omelette.  Nom nom nom.... I think my kids will love this too.  Slurping more soju cocktail.....

Bulgogi Quesadilla S$14.00
Authentic Korean bulgogi generously stuffed in baked Mexican tortilla topped with melted mozzarella cheese, guacamole and sour cream.  Never know Korean and Mexican mixed can be this perfect!

Kimchi Fries S$18.00
Sauteed kimchi and soy sauce seasoned chicken on crispy fries with kimchi sauce and sour cream.  We grew up with fries, we all love fries, and the love went crazy when kimchi is added!  Need to act really fast for this, cos my girls won't wait, the whole basket was eaten up before I knew it.  This is a crowd pleaser.  Me slurping more cocktail soju, feeling part of me floating away....

Doritos Chicken S$8.00
Looking harmless here, it's volcanic level spicy!   Drinking even more cocktail soju to cool my burning mouth.  I think this was when I let loose lolxx....

Yangnyum Drumlets S$8.00
Drumlets with finger licking sweet sauce.

Fried Chicken Wings S$8.00 (for 3)
Juicy fried wings, continues to lick finger, plus lips.

Onion Bomb S$12.00
This is a OMG!!  Called Onion Bomb, but it's Onion Chrysanthemum to me, so pretty!  You may be surprise by how sweet onion can be, perfect golden thin crust covering soft melting onion is divine.  MUST ORDER!

Here comes something delightful, LIGHT BULBS!
Light Bulb Blue Lemon Frizzy Soda and Strawberry Frizzy Soda S$5++ each.

Lightbulb Drinks menu here, available in both alcohol and non-alcohol.

Really cute, so one more pic.

By the end of the tasting (and drinking) I was already drowsy.  Being such a nuisance, my friends dumped me at the road side and fled off.
Just kidding!  They hailed a cab and delivered me home lolxx.... They will never abandon me one, heeheehee.....

Heading down?  I got lobang:

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Don't Tell Mama
52 Tanjong Pagar Road
Opening hours: Mon - Thurs 5pm - 2.00am
Fri & Sat 5pm - 3.00am
Sun Closed
*Please note that only 29th and 30th Jan will be closed during CNY period, other days operates as usual.

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