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Friday, 13 January 2017

Pokemon Pop-up Cafe

Date of visit:27.11.2016

Had been playing PokemonGo since day one it's launched till now.  While many said that the hype is dying down, I am the weird one who's gotten more and more addicted to the game.  Racing with time to reach a Pokemon makes my heart beat race like crazy.  Not done at Level 32, attaining the highest level with full gold medals are currently my aims.

So, anything Pokemon related automatically raise interest.   Squeezable plushes and food are fatal attractions.

I don't normally travel to town, if I do, I would make sure I kill more than 2 birds in a go.  So this day, I had my business done and decided to pop into this pop up cafe:

Pop-up means temporary, the cafe was set up at the walkway at level 4 of Bugis Junction.  Felt weird, but it didn't bother once the food arrived.

Cute Pikachu crew lolxx..

Photo booth with Pikachu hood suites in various sizes which children and youngsters were having fun with.

Plushes and toys.

Slit throat prices, so won't part with my money for toys.

Waiter Pikachu on menu cover, too cute and I made many mini screams.

Alola Tea S$12.00 
Potion S$12.00
This was overly sweet like cough mixture, we added water and had extra half bottle more to enjoy.

We got to bring the bottles and the key chains back, kind of make the price more justify.

Exeggutor key chain is my favorite, seriously cute.

Here's another one, only knows Pikachu.

Pika Curry Rice S$25.00
Panko-crumbed shrimp patty was pretty good.  We were surprised that the ears were actually omelette cos it's so smooth like cheese.  The Japanese curry was not too spicy, overall the plate was really filling with that load of rice.

Pika Curry Rice comes with a new mug (the same mug containing the curry sauce) for us to bring back.

I happily sold it off later to cover a bit of the damage, heehee.....

Love Pika Ketcup S$20.00
Chicken patty covered with smashed potato = Pikachu head
I have no idea how they make smash potato's surface so smooth.  It's deliciously soft and went along very well with the chicken patty.  Taste of heart shaped fried rice was decent.

Bought back this little bottle of ketcup, so cute de...

We wanted to try desserts but were too full already lolxx....

Overall, the cute and friendly young crews made our visit a very pleasant one.  We had a good time eating with our eyes and camera.
 Food was really cute and taste better than I expected.  If you are a gourmet with expectations, this is not the place.  But if surrounded by Pokemons and Pikachu, taking endless photos and bringing home souvenirs makes you happy, Pokemon Cafe opens till 17 Feb 2017.

Pokemon Cafe
200 Victoria Street
EwF Bugis Junction #04-05
Singapore 188021

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