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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Voluntary Mission at Siem Reap, Cambodia DAY 6

This post is a continuation from HERE.


It look me forever to decide whether to follow the rest of my team members to Angkor Wat Sunrise tour.   I wanted to visit the other temples which I missed, repeating the same route and waking up at 5am dreads 😴  But spending time with my niece, nephew and the children was too precious to miss, so here I went again!

The ticket sales office was moved to Charles de Gaulle Road which was near the night market we visited last night.  It's more spacious and bright but it's less convenient as it's a few km away from Angkor Wat.
Angkor Wat is as big as China Forbidden City, as such 3 days and 7days pass are available.  The one day pass I bought was USD20, price remained the same as last year.  Though the ticket office opens at 5.00am, I personally would suggest to you guys arriving around 4.30am to beat the crowd, and most importantly to be able to catch the sunrise.

We were obviously too late, the sky was already brightened.  I urged my team members to run to catch the last view of the sunrise.  But most of them were too excited by the surroundings, they stopped, took pictures and went "Waaaa......waaa......waaa....."

That very last bit of orange rays I managed to capture.

Sunrise looking like sunset here.

Still admirable despite of the second visit, it's such a spectacular historical site.

 This lovely pic was taken by of the team member, 肥肥的背影 but  美美的风景 😝



We had simple breakfast over here, over ordered.

 Packed some food and distributed to some of the children around who sells clothes, postcards etc..

Moving up, it got warmer and warmer as the sun rose.  A busy monkey, ignoring me and all other visitors.

Cute pic I got here.

Somebody taking a pic of me taking a pic for others lolxx...

Holy Day is probably Holiday.  Despite of the second visit, was still too lazy to climb up.

I quite enjoyed the view from below.

Exploring Angkor Wat from a different perspective....

Discovering little details that I missed out previously.
 On the floor not a mouse hole but a water vent.  Ancient drainage system, I later found out.

Leaving the main temple to Ta Prohm Temple.

A fading rainbow crowning the entrance of Ta Prohm Temple.

We, young and old screamed shit when we saw a HUGE MILLIPEDE!  It's big and fat, longer than my packet of tissue! 😱  A bit 大惊小怪 but, it's our first time seeing a wild millipede >.<  I'll freak out if this appears at home lolxx...

The trees are like parents protecting the temples, yet at the same time destroying their children.

Many buildings that I had seen last year became a pile of stones on the ground.

Many parts of Ta Prohm Temple were fenced up as it's no longer safe for exploring.  I didn't expect so much changes in a year.  Now, I wouldn't be surprise that more areas will be closed by next year, sigh..... sad.

Buffaloes outside the temples.

Not that they were big deal, but I wouldn't see such vast greenery with buffaloes back in Singapore.

Angkor Wat is a lot more than what I had shown.  If you like to see more pics click HERE for my last year's visit.

On our back to the hotel.  We passed by the new ticket office.  So this is how it looks like.

Back to the hotel, freshened up, selfie taken at Blue Pumpkin at Pub Street,
Sivatha Road, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Selfies are always portraits the best.  In reality:
After selfie lolxx...  Not sure what happened but their service was never so slow.  The food took forever to come, so I snoozed......

Lunch, last meal in Siem Reap.  Had Korean rice which didn't taste korean, but was ok.

Dessert, apple pie with a scoop of ice cream, it tasted as good as it looked.
I would say Blue Pumpkin is one of the best place to eat and chill in Pub Street.  They have quite a good selection of dishes, click HERE for more.  After lunch was time to pack up and go.

A quick snap of Siem Reap International Airport's exterior before the van drove in.

The airport, clean and bright.  It's a big contrast to most of the areas in Siem Reap.  Our local friends Chhaey together with his wife and baby flew back with us for a visit.
2 hours of flight, we were transported back to Singapore.  My homeland is amazing to my friends, just the way how Siem Reap took my breath away.  I left a piece of me over there, hope to be back again, if not, will still be supporting Inspiring Stars in any way I can.

So now, I'll be starting to run through my album of Macao and HongKong, hope to post up soon!

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