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Friday, 16 June 2017


Was invited to the premiere of  SPARKS, Episode 7, by DBS held at Marina Bay Financial Centre.
SPARKS is an industry-first mini-series that follows a group of young bankers at work, how they thrived above and beyond when solving unusual client challenges.  Through SPARKS, DBS hopes to convey that the Bank is not only about transactions.  Financial management with the help of bankers are important.  At times of crisis, it could be very crucial.

Personally, I have a few plans with DBS which more or less prepares myself for a stress-free retirement.

Back to SPARKS Episode 7.  It's highly anticipated with 2 additions to the cast - Heart throb Nathan Hartono (向洋) and beautiful Jaime Teo.
Photo credit: DBS

I couldn't believe I was seeing our Milo Boy in person!
Photo credit: DBS
Jamie Teo holding my phone!!!  She was cheerful, literally smiling, giggling and laughing non-stop.

He is exactly what he is on screen; smiles and laugh a lot, unpretentious, absolutely no airs, EXTREMELY CHARMING AND CUTE!!  
I was having such a hard time controlling myself, not to scream, not to grab him, not to "misbehave", stay compose and act cool (else I may be ban from attending events by the PR lolxx...).

Ms Karen Ngui (Managing Director & Head of Group Strategic Marketing & Communications, DBS Bank), Nathan and Jaime shared with us on the making of this mini-series.
Photo credit: DBS
The outline of the story was about how Chester (Adrian Pang) meets his first clients.  Chester stood by the young couple through their growth and successes of their small bus company and also setbacks.  Nathan's role as young Chester, a new banker was refreshing, while Jaime's role as the wife of  the young couple, was a tear bomb with many heart-wrenching crying scenes.   It must had been very challenging as it's totally different from her bubbly self in real life.

SPARKS Episode 7 is online on 16 June 2017.  Please enjoy (tissues may be needed).

If you had missed Episode 1 - 6, I had put them all into this post, just scroll down and click in to watch:

SPARKS mini-series is bought to you by DBS.
Photo credit: DBS

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  1. Many congratulations to the team on coming up with such a nice and lovely movie. They actors have done a wonderful job and I appreciate their characters. Thanks for sharing the video as well.