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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Calm down at Barashi-Tei

Date of visit: 24.8.2017

Finally blogged again!
(Dusting virtual cobwebs >.<  I am so sorry!)

Some of you readers may know what had happened from my boring Dayre.  Things over here are getting better though still challenging.  While family's support keeps me from collapsing, good food keeps me going!  Nowadays, a meal can be a mini "escape" from reality to me.   Other than my "seasoned" smelly bed, I find comfort and a bit of rest over a dining table ....... Barashi-Tei's table is one of them.

We sat and ate following dishes:
Moriawase (sashimi 12pcs) S$28.00

Tamagoyaki S$5.00
These handmade tamago are so good that we had to ta bao some home.  I never eat those perfect looking machine made tamago ever again.  It's a MUST ORDER in Barashi-Tei.

Softshell Crab S$12.80
Nice simple dish, fresh with no fishy taste, crispy with no excess oil.

Unagi Don S$18.80
Tender unagi coated with sweet sauce grilled to perfection.  And their heavenly Tamago.... 

Unagi Salmon Mentai Maki (Eel, salmon, egg, cucumber) S$14.80
Maki (rice rolls) here taste as good and they looks.  Slightly torched Salmon Mentai was creamy and flavorful while the little balls of roes creating fun sensation in the mouth when they burst.  Cucumber is not the main but the crunchiness compliments the texture of all the other ingredients.

Spicy Salmon Maki (Crispy Tempura Prawn, Broiled Salmon) S$14.80
Having both salmon and prawns in a bite is sheer pleasure.  The special spicy sauce isn't too fierce but lingers, it's delicious!

Ika Kabayaki (Grilled squid) S$16.80
Love this, Barashi-Tei is doing everything right on the grill.  I hope they can ship in and do grill octopus.

Foie Gras Sushi S$15.80/2pcs
Dear Foie Gras Sushi, I am so sorry that I screw up on the photo which is not doing you justice >.<  To atone, I hereby disclose the
Best Way To Eat Foie Gras Sushi:
1.  Make sure there's no other food in your mouth (cos' you need a lot of space);
2.  Pick the sushi up with chopstick, but if you are not steady with this cutlery, use hand (just don't drop it);
3.  Put the WHOLE sushi into your mouth (no worries about your mouth being too small, the sushi is free size, sure can go in de..)
4.  Now let the foie gras burst, allowing it's buttery juice to cover every fluffy rice grain (imagine your mouth as a washing machine, mix mix mix...)
5.  Swallow bit by bit, enjoy your time in heaven!

Chawanmushi S$4.80
Here's a all time favorite, it's a Jap side dish but I some how love it as a dessert.

Ikura Chawanmushi (Chawanmushi with Salmon Roe) S$6.80
Here's a slightly atas version with salmon roe with balls of sweetness from the sea.

Ishikari Nabe Set (Salmon Head hotpot) S$18.80
Value for money!  This unassuming looking soup in claypot is the most comforting to my flu + cough + fever at that time.

Salmon head is surprising sweet.  Love or hate it's skin, it's thick and succulent to me, with lots of collagen, they slipped in guilt-free.
A pot of soup is always welcome on a table, especially when it's taste so home cook.

Barashi-Tei never disappoints but tables are limited, booking is advisable before heading down.  Simply follow the 3 steps below:
2) At the top right hand corner, click BOOK NOW.
3) Fill in the particulars and you are done!

266 Middle Road
Elias Building
Singapore 188991
Tel: 188991
Tel: 8421 5228
Opening Hours:

Mon - Sun 10am to 3pm 

Mon - Sat 6pm to 2am
Sun - 6pm to 10pm

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