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Friday, 20 October 2017

Expressing Gratitude with Floral Garage


More than a month ago, my father had a fall and was hospitalized at XXXX for almost a month....  Every visit to the hospital was depressing.  Everywhere was crowded, every space was occupied, and there would be at least one patient in a confused state of mind screaming day in day out through the wards, tension was in the air with extremely busy medical staffs...

My sisters and I were torn between work, hospital and other commitments.  The negligence from the medical and nursing aids added more worries and tremendous stress onto us.

The nightmare was over when my father was transferred to Yishun Community Hospital.
  The lush of greens in the hospitals calmed me down in a way.  Every visit was pleasant and less stressful despite of it being farther from my house.

During his 3 weeks stay, we were touched by the doctors and nurses dedication on seeing to his recovery.  The nurses were more meticulous and patient than us!  They are angels!
 We were so thankful.  They sure deserve more than just a Thank You card.  

Just as we were scratching our heads for something appropriate to express our gratitude, Floral Garage contacted me.
We decided to show our appreciation through gesture of giving flowers from Floral Garage.

Clicking into it's website, found out that Floral Garage is a 2 years old local online florist.  Though it's young, they offers an established range of flowers and products.

I gotten very attracted to their extensive range of   Freestyle bouquet  and Premium Freestyle bouquet
comes in varies styles and prices to suit your taste and budget.
Images from www.facebook.com/FloralGarageSG/

Also their unique Vegetable bouquets!
Image from www.facebook.com/FloralGarageSG/
Crazy cute, better than fruit basket lolxx...
Image from www.facebook.com/FloralGarageSG/

Floral Garage's wedding services such as bridal and bridesmaid bouquet, bridal car decor and wedding venue decors etc. looks impressive too!
Image from www.facebook.com/FloralGarageSG/
This is the link for more details www.floralgaragesg.com/weddings/

That's not all, there's still a list in the garage:
-Hampers (chocolate hampers, fruit hampers, baby hampers, cny hampers, get well soon hampers etc., all come with fresh flowers!)
-Gift baskets
-Condolence stands
-Congratulatory stands
-Party stuff

Phew.... and that's literally everything and anything you need in all occasions!

Floral Garage offers same-day delivery for a standard charge of only $9.70. Self-collection is possible too.  After much "distractions" I ordered mine a few days in advance and it arrived promptly and beautifully.

Danielle Bouquet is made up of many stalks of huge white and cheerful yellow roses.

The table bouquet turned out to be bigger than expected for it's price.

I brought Danielle Bouquet personally to Yishun Community Hospital and brought smiles to all of them!
Due to privacy, I am not able to show you the photos of the angels in Yishun Community Hospital.  So the bear bear in nurse uniform shall represent them to take a photo with gorgeous Danielle bouquet from Floral Garage.

When occasions call for or whenever you want a bloom, Floral Garage is here:
Whatsapp : 9387 8871
Call : 6282 2813

ps.  My father has already been discharged, he is well though not too mobile.  Pains my heart to see him so old and weak, but it's unavoidable and irreversible.  Now I am trying my best to make him feel happy and comfortable...

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