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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Siem Reap Day 1


This is my 3rd trip to Siem Reap and I find myself familiar enough to do a "10 things to do in Siem Reap" kinda post that gets a million viewers lolxx....  But I think I just stick to usual style of daily records lah.....

My 1st visit was 2015, 2nd in 2016, made a break in 2017 (cos' Hokkaido was like a big slash on our house fund).  Each trip was same same but always different.  This time round, my old boy (hubby) tagged along and the organisation's head (my dear sis) finally changed the accommodation.

Preparation started as early as April.  I ordered from TaoBao these 大陆袋 or frakta storage bags, whatever it's called.
These bags were so far the best for bringing clothes and toys over.

Early May, we ran a garage sale and raised a few hundreds dollars.
Not sure if we are going to continue next year as we didn't manage to raise as much money as before.

It's Inspiring Stars' 11th year and now we have our very own uniform. 

I absolutely need to post this pic of my luggage cos I am too proud of the neatness.
Gotten from TaoBao this set of pink luggage organizers where I store my undergarments, tops and bottoms in different bags, totally satisfy the minor OCD in me.

So here we go..........

Destination: Siem Reap, Cambodia
Duration: 4D3N, 31 May to 3 June 2018
Mode of Travel: Self-organised with 19 volunteers age 9 to 50+.  We had 2 private vans for transport and local guide (www.facebook.com/Jeepxplr) who's now a very dear friend to us.
Flight: Jetstar (round trip $292.68)
Hotel: Khmer Mansion Boutique Hotel (Apsara Double Pool View Suite - $206.58)
Weather: Very very fortunately cloudy most of the time around 30°C
Currency: USD most of the time though Cambodian Riel can be use
Time difference: 1 hour behind Singapore



I so fat now.  Managed to look human after a few selfie attempts in Grab.  I did lash extensions which were so long that they looked like cockroach legs >.<
Was wearing a light dust coat over t-shirt and jeggings to fake atas.

2pm flight but left home early for this:
Kaffe & Toast at Changi Airport T1, Level 2.
Roast Chicken Thai Noodles S$6.50
The springy thai noodles with one big load of roast chicken and meat balls was not only value for money but crazy yummy,!  Seriously one of the best thai noodles I ever had in Singapore.  It's a surprise discovery, sharing here with you guys..... remember to thank me when you tried....  you are welcome, heehee......

2hrs flight and we touched down safely at Siem Reap International Airport.
My kid sis from Oman came with us and we had our first gather here.  After being 2 years away, the airport now has Starbucks!  We bought our SIM card at USD3 for 5 days then off we went to the hotel which I was really excited for.

Khmer Mansion Boutique Hotel
166 Sok San Street, Mondul 1 Commune, Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia 17000
It's the smaller entrance at the right with that TripAdvisor flag lolxx... The other one is Central Suite Residence which we were curious about.


The lobby was splashed with bright colors which lifted my spirit.

Bronze buddha figures around for exotic asian look.

The lobby was small but was enough for our bags.

We were ushered to the pool side to enjoy their welcome treat of virgin colada (coconut + pineapple juice), peanut, taro chips and their awesome brownie.

We felt so welcome with their warm service that I fell in love with the hotel even before seeing our room.

Blue pool with red lazy chairs were so pleasing, really couldn't wait to plunge in.

They only had one small lift but didn't mind to walk up the stairs to the 3 level while we left our luggage to the bell boy.

The hall way to our room...

It's a Apsara Double Pool View Suite of 32mwith a King bed and a nice balcony.

Though they misspelled hubby's surname, we really appreciate it.

The apology letter (in advance) was informing us of the loud music from the lady boy performance near by.  Though it's stated that they stopped by 10pm, it actually went on till mid night.  But the noise was quite minimal and didn't affect us at all.  We slept like logs for the 3 nights.
The print out of the weather forecast was very useful for us.  Thumbs up to Khmer Mansion!

Oops, I missed the TV, you could see a small corner of it at the top of this pic.

Didn't miss the complimentary fruit plate which we finished before we depart.

I love the rustic feel in the bathroom.

Rain shower here.
However there's only half a panel of glass, so the floor was always a bit wet, but not a big issue.

The balcony was lovely.
It was an awesome hideout for hubby's smoking sessions as well.

Clear view of Khmer Mansion's pool as well as Central Suite Residence's pool from the relaxing balcony.

Curiosity made us swing over to the neighbour.
This was the classy lobby in Central Suite Residence.  Interior decor style was very different from Khmer Mansion.  Later we found out that these two hotels are owned by 2 siblings.

Alcohol lovers are going to love this bar with seats in the pool.  Chill right...

No time was wasted, we galloped out to our favorite massage parlour which was just a min walk from our hotel outside Sok San Street.
After 1hr of foot and shoulder massage for USD5, I played tour guide bringing my hubby around Pub Street.

Damn proud of myself for being so street smart lolxx...
We found Burger King and Miniso, which means this region had began to attract foreign investors.  This would create more job opportunities, improving livelihood in every and any way.

Oh yeah of course!

Siem Reap Night Market

We visited a local bakery which was hidden in one of the small lanes.  I wouldn't be surprise if all the bread in Pub Street were supplied from here.

This was the shopfront and right behind was the family's house.

Behind the house was the bakery.  Here's a few towers of loafs waiting to be pack.

These were the packed loafs.
We made an order for some hundreds of baguettes for the school children and villagers.

It's dinner time and we decided that our hotel was the best place to take in all the 19 of us together.

BBQ Buffet for USD7.50.

Choices were limited but was decent enough with a cook doing all the grilling for us.

And I had a few servings.

The pool was lit up with "stars" on the trees, beautiful ambience.
Meanwhile, the crew came to take our order for tomorrow's breakfast.  They served a-la-carte breakfast instead of buffet, but it's inclusive with the room.

Too early to end the night, I brought hubby out for dessert outside the market where there were a row of mobile food vendors along the road.

USD1.  It's more like banana prata than pancake, a bit oily but quite yummy if you like banana and condense milk.
So far so good for eating street food but for those who have a weak stomach you have to make your choice.

Munching on the dessert, we strolled down into the Night Market.  There were many buses of PRC tourist having a great time bargaining and the sellers trying their best to close the deal in this low season. 

I managed to get 3 t-shirts, 1 atas and 2 cheap cheap.  I tried to look around for souvenirs but couldn't find any.  Wanted to get rice sack purses but they were so expensive.

Walked back to Pub Street, exploring the small lanes.

Gelato Lab.

Had a scoop of tiramisu ice-cream but forgotten the price.

Side note for PokemonGo Players....
Torkoal was not common like Rattata but it's not that rare either.  I caught 5 in total, 1 ran away during my 4 days stay.  There were a few more appeared in sighting but we didn't bother if it's away from the direction we were heading.
Gyms were easy to hit with almost guaranteed 50 coins, over staying of 24 hours or more since there wasn't much players around.  We put mons around CP1000 so that others could get their coins without spending too much time.  Having said, Raiding level 4 or 5 wasn't possible, really bo lang.

With much fun walking around and playing PokemonGo, hubby was too exhausted to go Hard Rock Cafe by 10.30pm which was 11.30pm Singapore time.
We got back to our hotel and was surprised that the entrance looked like a rainforest trail at night.

There were a few lizards outside our room which I tried to ignore.  Luckily none of them entered into the room else I would freak out.  Nevertheless the hotel was still awesome in all ways.

I will get Day 2 rolling in ASAP.  Thank you for reading!

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