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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Collaboration with Bellaoggi

Last week, most of my friends and also my sisters took the precious long weekend for a overseas short trip *jealous*.

Myself, I was working *slight depress* >.<

Recently, I had been collaborating with quite a few beauty brands.  Last Friday was a special one with Bellaoggi, a Italian beauty brand which required nailarts.
I managed to tuck in my art brushes, acrylic paints and a hand rest all into this golden hand carry cosmetic case.  It looked so glam with my all black outfit.

Most of my clients requested full black outfit.  Kinda hate it especially if I need to work late.  I have this phobia of being knock down on the road.  Wearing mourning black crossing the road at night is dangerous to me.  I had seen it myself numerous times while travelling in my hubby's vehicle.  Most girls insisted that wearing black has got a slimming effect.  But aiyo, fat means fat lah sia, si mi visual illusion also don't change reality lolxx... back to the topic...

My work station from Friday to Sunday, at Bugis Junction Hylam Street.

Bellaoggi had engaged Precious Nail Services to promote their gel-effect nail lacquers.

The young girls I worked with were very nice and chatty.  2 of them were 17 years old, only a year senior than my Darren son lolxx....  They were such cute darlings ^.^

Such collaboration work "force" me to adapt to lacquers of different textures, different bottles and brushes within a very short time frame.  As in I have to familiarize myself with them in a couple of minutes.  Then I have to hold them in my palm affectionately and paint flawlessly on customers or guests, heehee...  Pretty challenging and I love it!

Bellaoggi gel effect lacquers are bold with strong color pigments.  Love their flat wide brush and the streak-free texture.  In fact I was quite impressed by the quality.
I had gain knowledge and valuable experiences exposing to different brands, not just OPI OPI and only OPI.

The following were some of the nails I had done with Bellaoggi lacquers over their 3 days roadshow -

Some of you who followed my Dayre or Instagram may know that my hubby was down with sudden illness and was admitted to hospital during the same time.

There wasn't a slightest clue given when this happened and I was totally caught.  As much as I was worried, I tried not to let my personal problem affect my work.  Darting between work and the hospital wasn't easy, but I held on and pulled through.

The satisfying smiles on the customers looking at their mirror shine manicures were priceless and motivated me further.  Friendly and understanding working partners of Bellaoggi had also made everything most pleasant during my tough period, very thankful to them.

End this post with self advertising for Precious Nail Services -

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