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Friday, 24 October 2014

海底捞 Hai Di Lao Hot Pot at 313 Orchard

Date of visit: 09.09.2014

I had posted about  海底捞 Hai Di Lao Hot Pot at Clarke Quay last year.  The blog post hits over 42K views (peanuts to those famous bloggers, big deal to me, heehee...) and it's still running on till today!   Curious?  Click HERE.

I have been eating around, but so far I didn't find another better steamboat place (of similar pricing) other than Hai Di Lao.

Their unique soup bases had casted a spell on our taste buds, fresh and good quality of meat/ingredients had turned us into spoiled brats with.  You can't blame me for being so picky on food >.<   Not forgetting the 6 star standard service which was very difficult for other competitors to mimic.

Initially was thrilled when we know that Hai Di Lao was opening another branch at 313 Orchard.  But on second thoughts, we were not very sure if they could maintain that extreme high standard.  That's for us to find out ourselves....

First visit to 海底捞 Hai Di Lao at 313 Orchard on a weekday noon...

海底捞 Hai Di Lao Hot Pot at 313 Orchard
That's the reception counter, and the lady behind it was doing ironing.  You hear me right.  She was ironing what looked like to me children's curtains for their children's indoor playground.  She greeted us politely and told us to sit on those red stools for a short wait.  She continued to concentrate on her ironing.

My children happily went to grab the pop corns, but were disappointed with a down graded type.  There were glasses but no drinks available at the waiting area.  I requested for plain water from one of the serving staff, it never came.  So I already know, that royalty service at Clarke Quay did not make it at their new branch >.<

Similarly, 313 Orchard also have a playroom for children and a manicure room providing free manicure for female customers.

Posh interior with most of the tables being occupied.

Some tanks in low stock.

We ordered what we knew was good -

Free flow beverage S$3/pax
They have a few to chose from, we had soya milk which comes with a jar of syrup for us to add at our own preference.

Tomato and Sichuan Spicy duo soup base S$16

Self-service bar counter S$2/pax.
Mix your own dip sauce with various seasonings/condiments.  There are assorted fruits, bean curd pudding, pumpkin porridge and other desserts which may change from time to time.  Did not take any pic, but the concept is the same as it's branch at Clarke Quay.

Mutton S$16.00

Assorted meat paste S$22.00

Select Beef S$26.00

Chilled Tofu S$6.00

Assorted Veg Combi 开心农场 S$9.00 (half portion)

Beef Balls (that pees) 撒尿牛丸 S$14.00

Black Pork S$12.00

U.S. Beef Slices S$18.00

Seafood Combi S$14.00 (half portion)

Birthday Fruit Platter
Complimentary from the restaurant, it was hubby's birthday.

We also ordered 2 servings of kungfu noodles at S$3.00 each.  Total bill with GST and service charge was S$210.70 for the 4 of us.

Food quality maintained freaking yummy.  Just that there's a drastic drop in service compared to their pioneer outlet at Clarke Quay.  No server came to refill drinks for us nor peel the prawns for me;  totally missed all the pampering we had at Clarke Quay T___T  From what I observe they are slightly short handed which maybe one of the reason. Expanding food business is rather challenging in Singapore I would say.

Even at it's worst, a few weeks of advance booking has to be made to get a table for weekend dinners.

海底捞 Hai Di Lao Hot Pot
313 Orchard Road
Tel: 6835 7337

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