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Monday, 13 October 2014

A unique wedding dinner

Date: 07.09.2014

Wedding dinners are all monotonous.   It's always the same typical chinese dishes served on lazy susan - Cold plate with assorted salad etc, shark's fin soup, roast chicken, steam big fish, braised mushroom/sea cucumber with green veg, stir fried noodles and yam paste for dessert.  Most of time these dishes taste decent, but never leaves an impression.

So, I never expect myself to blog about my cousin's wedding dinner held at Fairmont Singapore.

Both chinese and western cutlery was on the table setting.
There was even a individual menu, but didn't bother to read at that time.  I wasn't expecting anything different.  I thought the forks and knives were for caucasian guests.  The above photos were actually taken out of boredom, heehee....

When dinner started, it turned out to be individual serving.  That would means that I could eat at my own pace and snap photos without disturbing others.  No more waiting for the lazy susan to turn to me.    No more "efficient" serving staff clearing away the plate before I need a second helping.

Yes, I was freaking happy, but that was not all.

Scroll down, and you will find out why it's worth sharing here in this blog...
Combination of Drunken Lobster on Daikon and Unagi Maki.
DING DING DING DING!  The beautiful presentation lit up my eyes, lifted up my mood, seduced my taste buds.   The lobster was bouncing and bursting with natural sweetness in my mouth, sheer bliss.
This was when I picked up the menu, asian dishes with western elements were on their way....

Double boiled chicken with baby abalone with "Wai San" (淮山).
While the baby abalone alone was pleasing enough, clear soup with mild fragrance of chinese herb was just right without any bitter after taste.

Steamed Barramundi (金目鲈)
First time eating Barramundi fillet.  Normally we eat it as a whole of about a foot long.  This must be from a very huge fish to get a fillet.

Stuffed chicken thigh with cuttlefish paste & spinach;
Wok-fired prawn with chilli bean paste.
The chicken thigh with cuttlefish paste and spinach was delicate and intricate.  It was something you get to enjoy only in fine dining.  Even my picky sister was impressed.

Shanghai noodles in Pork Broth, Pan Seared Crayfish, Stuffed Scallop.

I finished everything on this healthy plate!

"Cheng Teng" Terrine with Vanilla pudding and Passion Mango Sauce.
Creative western dessert with chinese "Cheng Teng", mad love!

Yes, you just finished looking at a 6 course fine dinning wedding dinner.
Who won't love it?
But I am sure the price will be something newly weds need to consider.

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