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Friday, 3 October 2014

Legendary Hong Kong

Date of visit: 20.08.2014

My dialect is Khek, but could hardly speak khek lolxx...  I was brought up in a cantonese speaking family, then found a cantonese speaking khek husband.  My kids Darren and King Luis are able to speak cantonese too.   I know most children this era no longer able to speak any dialect, it's quite a pity.

My love for cantonese language extend to food as well.  To find authentic cantonese food, I only know 2 places on earth -  GuangZhou China and Hong Kong.

So, let this post fly you to Hong Kong!

Here we are at Mongkok.....
 in Jurong Point 3rd level, heehee.....  

Okie, didn't fly to Hong Kong, merely took MRT from Tampines to Jurong Point.

Jurong Point has successfully created a Hong Kong Mongkok Street at the 3rd level with big signboards with light bulbs.  Also cute 老夫子 directories, that nostalgia feel.....

Enduring the more than 1 hour train ride was all for Legendary Hong Kong which is  made up of -

Kou Ru Roast 九如烧腊
Lung Fung Dim Sum 龙凤茶居
Hong Kong Congee and Noodle 香港粥面
Pak Kung Cafe & Bakery 白宫冰室

This 4-in concept serves around 300 dishes in the menu (as mentioned in their web page).
Exciting isn't it?

It was really fortunate that we reached before the snake queue was formed.
There was a chatty auntie who was in front of us told me the food is really nice and the queue moves quite fast normally.  True enough, we only waited about 10 mins with about 3 pax in front of us.

I was looking and looking these roast ducks while queuing, mouth watering already.
Got to know that these were London Roast Ducks.  I heard that roast ducks in London are invincibly tasty.  Why huh?  Roast ducks is an asian food right?  Since I have never been London, this was a good opportunity to try how London Roast Duck taste like.

Wonder why they stopped serving take-aways...

230 seater restaurant almost fully occupied.
One side of the wall is covered with Hong Kong related pictures.  The side cushion seats are exactly like those in Hong Kong's cafeteria (茶餐厅).  Those red chairs with metal frames are those we seen in most dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong.  Visually, we were already in Hong Kong.

Even the service was the same as Hong Kong, fast.  Our orders came before our seats were warm.

HK Style Ice Milk Tea (丝袜奶茶) S$2.80
Watercress Honey with Lemon S$3.20
The chinese name for the milk tea is actually "Panty hose milk tea".  It's yummy rich but I hope it's not really prepared from panty hose lolxx...

Watercress Honey with Lemon was refreshing, the combination was something new to me.

 Twin Combo with London Roast Duck and Roast Pork S$16.80
Portion was very small for the price.  London Roast Duck was very tender and juicy, a layer of fat was beneath the roasted skin which could be scraped off easily with a spoon.  It tasted sweeter than normal roast duck which was probably what's all the rave was about.  Roast pork was tasty but nothing in particular.

佛手排骨汤 S$3.80
Pork ribs wasn't tender enough, soup was clear with mild taste.  I prefer milky soup >.<

Assorted Veg with fermented taro 温公斋煲 S$13.80
Ordered this cos I was sick of leafy greens and this was the best choice ever.  The pot consist of button mushroom, black fungus, bean curd skin, broccoli, kai lan, carrot slices and glass noodles.  All was cooked with fermented taro, but tasted very much like fermented bean curd.  My late mom love using fermented bean curd in her cooking, so the taste made me miss her....

Plain Tossed Noodle S$3.80
Age is really catching up, hubby and my appetite shrink quite a bit.  We shared the thin egg noodles and were very happy with the QQ bouncy texture.

With 10% and 7% GST, the bill came up to be S$52.25 for the 2 of us.

Though not all dishes we had were impressive but I am absolutely in love with the ambience which really took me out of Singapore and the speedy serving of dishes.

It's still worth the visit ^.^

Legendary Hong Kong
No. 1 Jurong West Central 2
Jurong Point Shopping Centre
Singapore 648886

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