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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Lao Jiang Superior Soup (大马老江)

Date of visit: 16.08.2014

Established food chains in shopping malls are "safe" but boring.  Exploring eateries and restaurants along small lanes is somehow thrilling to me.  Most of the time we don't know what to expect.  Long queues doesn't promise good food at the end, bo lang (无人) doesn't necessary means lousy food.

Lao Jiang Superior Soup turned out to be a worth visit.

Hunger banging fiercely after our Bukit Timah Nature Reserve trek.  Hubby told me nearby Cheong Chin Nam Road has a stretch of eateries.  We decided to drive down and see which is more pocket friendly and attractive.

The big sign board featuring various soup dishes caught my attention.

Close-up pic of another sign board.

Coffee shop style outdoor seats....

and aircon area behind the glass panels which is smaller in capacity.

Superior Ipoh Soup with rice/noodles S$8.80.
I know this doesn't look impressive.  But the broth is SUPERB TASTY!  We finished every drop of the soup, almost wanted to ask for a refill but too paiseh lolxx...  There were fish ball, pork balls, fish maw, red groupa slices, prawns, some yong tau foo, butter lettuce and minced pork hidden beneath.  A little of  everything combined to a very satisfying bowl of soup!

They have a few choices like rice, hor fun and noodles.  I chose mee pok dry to go with the soup.
Mee pok in perfect QQ texture powered up with chilli, chopsticks not able to stop....

Braised pork trotters with rice S$6.80.

Thoroughly braised, meat was very tender but too much vinegar was added for our likings.

Cheng Teng and Lemon Grass Jelly S$2.50 each.

Reasonably priced with GST 7%, no service charge.  The soup is highly recommended, food lovers pay them a visit at ~

Lao Jiang Superior Soup (大马老江)
No. 2 Cheong Chin Nam Road
Singapore 599727
Tel: 6465 2660

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