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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Seoul Yummy at Bugis+

Date of visit: 07.08.2014

Gotten complimentary Ninja Turtle movie tickets at Bugis+ that day.

Managed to persuade King Luis to have Seoul Yummy with me for dinner.

Each time I pass by, I would look at this poster and drool >.<

So here we finally went in this time!

The beauty of having early dinner at 5pm, no need to fight with crowd.

Ordered S$49.90 Army Stew Combo (for 2 pax), and these were what's included-
Assorted kimchi, spicy tofu, vinegar turnip ,whipped potato and spicy fried silver fish, all in small bite portions but was more than enough.

1 multi-grains rice instead of 2 cos King Luis preferred white rice.

Chose Fried Kimchi dumplings as our appetiser.
They were as crispy as they looked, inside were tasty minced pork marinated with kimchi.

Now, the enormous Army Stew!
Read up a little, this dish is originated during the Korean War.  Lack of food, people put whatever was left and hot dogs from U.S Army facilities in  large pot to boil.  Unintentionally, this dish became popular till today.

They have seafood or meat Army Stew to chose from, we opted for meat.
There's one whole list of ingredients in it, I can't be 100% sure I got them all down -
* chicken slices, pork belly, lean pork, beef
* sausages, luncheon meat, tofu
* rice cakes, instant noodles
* bake beans, straw mushrooms, enoki mushrooms
* spring onions, pak choy, cabbage

Soup base was subtly sweet although the orange color looked fiery.  Totally enjoyed the generous and tender meat slices.

The Army Stew Combo came with free-flow roasted barley tea which I didn't take pics of.

Very full, but we managed to make space for these ice-creams.

Although it's stated that the combo is for 2pax, I suppose it's filling enough for 3 ladies too.  Simply upgrade the multi-grains rice to bibimbab, ramen etc.  Quite a nice place to dine with friends I would say.

Seoul Yummy
Bugis+ outlet-
201 Victoria Street, #04-11,
Singapore 188067

They have a few outlets which you may click HERE for addresses.

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