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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Catalunya - Northeastern Spanish cusine

Date of visit: 05.08.2014

My sisters and I did a fun thing by wearing Indian costume to a Spanish fine dining restaurant, epic lolxx..
OOTD:  Punjabi suit (sis bought from Sri Lanka)
Straw tote bag (Bangkok)
Red wedges (Payless Shoe Source)

I complete the look with stick on Indian decals, heehee...

Catalunya is in this silver dome - The Fullerton Pavilion.

Image from www.facebook.com/CatalunyaSingapore
We made a grand entrance, beautifully, heehee...

The dome is glass-cased from ceiling, show casing a nice city view of our Marina Bay.

The exquisite interior gave me a high expectation (on food).

We had a table near the glass panel.

Outdoor seatings by the river, which became crowded after 8pm.

"到此一游" photo taken by the manager.
He saw me selfie half day also cannot capture a view, came over and offer to help.  So nice right?  My sis was seated inside in zombie mode lolxx...

I shook her up to take selfies with me, make-up already, if don't take pics "wasted" heehee...
Not sure if my sis mind to appear in my blog, so put sunglasses on her >.<

The view is stunning, suddenly, I fell in love with Singapore.
 Holding a unknown red wine, S$22 per serving. That glass bottle on the table is Aqua Panna spring water, S$11.00.  It taste like water, just water.

Let dinner begin....
Jamon Iberico Croquettes (4pcs) S$15.00
Breaded and deep fried to crisp, within was creamy, milky and cheesy with spanish ham.  The goodness flooded my entire mouth, it's difficult to stop at one.

Bikini S$20.00
Sounded sexy, presentation was neat.  It's ham, cheese and truffle (I call it the ang mo seaweed, lolxx) sandwich.

Oysters S$36.00
Seasonal, not in menu.  Too much salt was sprinkled, sad.

Octopus A Feira S$24.00
Some roasted pork belly, together with octopus chunks in smooth spicy galician tapa (boiled potatoes).  It's so difficult to get to eat octopus in Singapore (I fell in love with octopus when I first ate them in Greece).   I wished there were more octopus instead of pork in it.

Lobster Rice S$80.00
Each grain of rice was fully soaked with rich flavour of lobster, never know that rice could be so incredibly delicious.  It comes with a price tag though.  To find a minor flaw, if the rice could be a little softer, it will be perfect.  Still, it's a MUST ORDER!

Now, Catalunya's the signature dish -
Segovian Style Suckling Pig S$135.00
I had seen reviews on this before hand, so I was mentally prepared to see this half piglet.  But my second sis wasn't taking this too well >.<   Although the piglet was small, the menu suggested it for 2-3pax but I find that it's enough even for 4-5pax.  The meat was so tender that it could be cut up with a ceramic plate effortlessly.

I was so busy looking, only remembered to take a video at the later part where the cutting plate was thrown on the floor.  Was told that it was a spanish tradition, which symbolise throwing away bad luck or something.

Star Anise Grilled Pineapples S$12.00
This was served together with the suckling pig, the pineapple went very well with the meat.  It's over priced though.

Full to the brim, but die die need to have dessert, so we ordered one to share.

Torrija S$14.00
Bread slightly charred with caramelized skin.  Could tell it's soaked with egg and milk.  It became a nice dessert with ice-cream.  Love it to the max, can I have this in bigger portion as a main dish instead?  Yum yum...

Dining with this beautiful backdrop of Singapore's night lights was more than awesome...

All dishes were pleasing to my picky taste buds although I may not be able to compare them with other spanish restaurants since this was my first time trying spanish food.

Have to apologise that the above photos weren't too well taken due to the romantic dark lightings.

There were mix reviews regards to the service, but our experience was great and we were treated like queens.  My second sis who arrived later was usher to our table even before she asked.  Perhaps they notice we were wearing similar outfits, that's meticulous.  Towards the end of the meal, the manager (who helped me with a photo earlier on) came to our table for short chat.  He is a cute looking caucasian, witty and charming, heehee....

After dinner we walked up the viewing deck of The Fullerton Pavilion.
My little sisters' back view.
The 3 of us are very different in many aspects, but we bonded closely together with love.  It's my blessing to have them as my sisters.

82 Collyer Quay
Singapore 049327

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