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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Run for Your Lives Singapore

Date: 25.10.2014

There are plenty of events for halloween.  But most of the events, we pay to scare the shit out of ourselves.  Also these events doesn't permit visitors to dress up.  Not sure how you guys feel but to me, fun factor is decreased..

My sister and I signed up for "Run for Your Lives".  Not too sure of the exact fees as my sister signed up and paid for me 2 months ago, it's about S$60.

Participants were given 2 role options - Zombie or Survivor.
Survivors need to run for their lives on a 5km trail with obstacles and zombies.
Zombies will run after the survivors for their blood lolxxx...
You may check out their web-page www.runforyourlives.asia/sg/

Needless to say, we played zombies, heeheeehee......

Bloody photos ahead, not for weak hearts!

The event was held at West Coast Park from 12pm.  Grateful that my hubby drove me there else I had to go through another agony on public transport, from Tampines you know!

Participants were given different time slots, so the crowd was very much in good control.

It was another scorching hot afternoon at 2pm.

After registration, we headed into "Transformation Centre" ie. makeup booth.
I wore old clothes for them to rip and snap, follow by make-up.

My eye bags were further enhanced >.<

I looked like beggar more than a zombie, wtf...

Glued on cotton on my neck to create a wound.

Bottles of "blood"....

Other "completed" zombies in the tent.

"Blood booth" where zombies got their final "touch up".
My sis actually laid down and let them splitter on her -____-|||

There, bloody hell.

Behold, my beautiful sister...

Bloody selfie.

One more.
I realised that I still need fake lashes even being a zombie.  I looked so "blank" lolxx..

I later act cute by putting on 2 eye ball hair clips on my head.

Spotted cool couple.

After being fully transformed from human to zombie, we gathered with the others and were lead to a Zombie Zone.

We zombies were "confined" into one area, waiting for survivors to run through the zone.
The above were one batch of survivors ready to dash into the Zombie Zone.

The survivor runners were very rough, they pushed, I nearly fell and I got beaten too.
After the first batch, I decided to just stand at one side to watch instead.  A game is just a game, not worth injuring myself right?

My sis who was stronger in build managed to get 3 blood strips.

There was a really funny episode -

I saw this girl, who seemed a slow runner, so I "target" her.  She was hugging her only "blood strip" to her chest.  To be more specific, she kiap it between her breasts liao -____-|||  Running towards my direction, she was screaming " No No No No No No....".  She was a easy prey, but she was so comical and funny that I just had to let her go laughing my ass off, waaahaahaaahaaa....  I laughed so hard that I had to squat down else I'll lost my balance lolxx..... 

The survivors came in by batches, so we had plenty of free time to slack around.

"Confined" zombies gotten really restless....
The organizer should just set us free to run after the survivors' blood.

We collected our race packs after that.

The race pack consist of 2 T-shirts, medal, 2 travel size Garnier skincare and mineral water (drink finish liao).

Close-up of the "infected" medal.

Front and back views of the T-shirts.

If the organizer change the zombie rules, I may join again.  If I join again, I will wear my fake lashes.

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