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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Showers with Que Origin

A good bath perks you up before you start a day.
At the end of the day, a comfortable bath is more than just cleansing, it also relaxes one's body and mind.

While bathing is so necessary, it should be pampering (and not expensive) with Que Origin Shower & Bath Gel!

Que Origin Shower & Bath Gels are made in Korea, infused with natural essential oils from Australia.  This series of luxurious shower gel smoothly cleansed yet deeply hydrated my skin.


I am seriously sweet after showering with Que Origin ROSE GERANIUM, like bandung drink lolxx... but no worries, no ants were attracted heehee....


The bathroom turned into a lavender garden during the shower!  Que Origin Lavender seemed to wash away a day's fatigue, simply relaxing!


 After a shower with Que Origin Lemongrass Shower Gel, I smell and felt as if I walked out of a spa, it's so pampering!

And one more thing...........
Que Origin offers customize bottles!  My big head on the bottle; this is MY bath gel!!

Who wouldn't be happy to have your very own bath gels!

This personalize service makes an awesome gift for birthdays, anniversaries and of course the coming
Valentine's Day!

You can use their templates and clipart;

or upload your own pics and add in your own text!

Retail price for the above shower & bath gel:
S$7.90 (250ml)
S$14.80 (730ml)

Customize shower & bath gel (250ml):
1 bottle - S$10.90
2 bottles with FREE gift box - S$21.80
3 bottles with FREE gift box - S$32.70
Gift box -S$2.00

FREE delivery with purchase of S$25 and above.

Order online:

Promotions and updates at
Instagram: www.instagram.com/que_origin
Facebook: www.facebook.com/queSG

Look for this pic in my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/SusanWong.sg
Follow the instructions (super fuss free and simple) and I'll mail these out to one of my lucky reader ^.^

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