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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Voluntary Mission at Siem Reap, Cambodia DAY 4 (Part 2)

This post is a continuation from HERE.


After lunch, we were at Ampil Peam Primary School.

New uniforms fitting began!

Then slippers.

Villagers waiting for us in the school compound.

Not enough classrooms, so had to make do with just a shelter.  I hope other organization with bigger funds can help to build more classrooms soon.

What we gave may not be enough.  But we want children to know that they are not forsaken. From what I know, sponsored schools gets more children to enroll into the school.  Education is the only way to pull oneself out of poverty, as well as building up the country again.

We did and gave what we could with the funds we raised, we knew our efforts will make a difference.

Some Polaroid photos for the older students.

The boy seriously doing his artwork, ignoring his peeping classmate behind lolxx...

I couldn't read what he wrote, but his effort made me very happy ^.^

The teachers of the school gave us a handmade craft as an appreciation,  It was a very colorful and intricate piece of ornament.  We were all very touched.

We were done with 2 school visits for the day and were back to Pub Street for some leisure in the late afternoon.

Vendor selling steamed escargot.

But they were so very very the tiny lolxx...

While many were fascinated by cooked insects, and here's snake, there's a sad story behind......
During 1975, when Cambodia was under Khmer Rouge, the people had no food.  Starvation forced them to cook and eat insects for survival, thus many Cambodian eats insects like we eat chicken.  The habit continues as according to them, insects are delicious.  But still, there's no way I'll eat them >.<  I can't get over the visual barrier.....

They called this a water cockroach or something.  The head and legs has to be pluck off, eating only the body.  Information gotten from a TV programe lolxx...


Big big spiders...

Back to the same massage Parlor.  Feet, back, shoulder and head massage, enjoy while we could at US5/hr.

Dinner at Sumibi Yokocho Japanese BBQ.  I don't have the address but this is along the main street in Pub Street, you won't miss it.

The food took forever to come, fortunately it's surprisingly good else we would be very pissed off.

BBQ Meat Set US18.00

Seafood Set US5.00

Tempura with Soba US8.00

Pork Belly Set With Veg US7.00
We sat outside and it was a bit windy.  The ashes of the charcoal flew into my sis's eyes, she was annoyed.  Other than that, the food quality was really good, and cheap!!

Reluctant to end the day, we hopped into Blue Pumpkin.  3 girls = 1 market, we talked talked talked talked talked....

This was the dessert of the day Angkok Summer US3.35

Day 5 coming up soon!  Thanks for reading!

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