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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Voluntary Mission at Siem Reap, Cambodia DAY 4 (Part 1)

This post is a continuation from HERE


I finally made an escape from the hotel's breakfast!

Fifty5 Kitchen N Bar
Corner Street 2 & Street 9 Old Market
Siem Reap, Siemreab-Otdar Meanchey, Cambodia
Tel: 01707427

Only some of the cafes/restaurants opens in the morning at Pub Street and this is one of them,   It's located just a few shophouses away from my hotel Steung SiemReap Hotel.

Lovely retro decor, non-aircon but cooling with high ceiling fans.

Eggs Benedict on Smoked Salmon and Muffin Bread US5.00

Cuppuccino US2.75
I ate alone quietly, relaxing and enjoying the peace while I could.

After breakfast, Inspiring Stars Team members gathered and geared up!

After collecting groceries, food and stationeries, we were on the road!

Challenging narrow and muddy paths but we made it!

Ta Sne Primary School, was the first school we visited.
 We are not new, Inspiring Stasr had been sponsoring the school for quite a few years.  Seeing that the school is improving it's environment with more and more students is very encouraging!

Curious children. I probably looked weird and foreign to them.

Older kids, riding on bicycles which were too big for them.  The boy in blue shorts wasn't even tall enough to sit on it.  This is very common over here, I guess it's better walking.

Preparing to unload.

New uniforms and slippers for the students.  White shoes are not practical for their sandy and muddy paths.

Children patiently waiting for us.

A lot of families couldn't afford uniforms for their children.  So we came in and sponsor them.  It's difficult for us to imagine, but a set of new uniform gives motivation to the children to study, also a sense of belonging to the school.  Wearing school uniforms make them feel like a student, to them it's a privilege to be in school, if you get what I mean.
Since Singapore students by default will have school uniforms (no matter how poor), we probably will never get to feel how it's like.....

Like this girl, most of the students will still keep their old uniforms.  Clean water and soap (yes, some can't afford soap) are still shortage in some village, so the white top turned yellow..... then brown....

Happy boy, cute right?

The little ones getting their new slippers.

We distributed milk, biscuits, writing pads and pencils for the students.

The moment when my dream finally came true.  Polaroid for the students!  Not possible to do for the entire school of course, my niece and I did for a few classes.
I was so excited that I was trembling!

We gave them color papers to paste their photos and decorate it.

The excited girls taking out stickers to decorate their photos.

The boys showing their art work proudly.
New uniforms still got tags ooops, but never mind de lolxx...

Happy girl with her photo, probably her first photo ever.

I gave them their first photos!  YAY YAY YAY!!

Lovely Ta Sne Primary School students!

We also distributed soap, toothpaste, some food and pre-love clothings to the villagers who lives near the school.

Founder of Inspiring Stars cum my kid sis, Ada, mingling with the villagers.

Our youngsters see-sawing with the locals.  Most Singapore kids' with gadgets are missing out this kind of simple fun.  Sometimes, not sure if technology is good or bad....

Inspiring Stars team members with children of Ta Sne Primary School wefie.
We tried to squeeze all into the picture already lolxx...

Not sure about others, but I can't find words to describe the joy of giving and sharing.  The kind of happiness is a lot a lot more than taking.  Voluntary work gives another meaning and purpose to life and made me appreciate what I have.  I always tell my children that they are 太好命, but they never get it.  I am making plans to drag them along the next trip, they are like: "No no noooooo....!!"

After one morning's work, local zhi char for lunch.  There were many huts, we took up 2 of them, sat on mat, ate like a local.

Roasted kampong chicken.

I dare not try though our local friends promised it's tasty.  This paste is grinded with red ants -__-|||

Grilled fish with skin unscaled, stuffed with lemon grass and other spices.

Chicken gizzard with ginger.  Didn't have this the previous visit, it's YUMMY!

Chicken soup.

We fed ourselves and the fish.....

Also the cat, heeheehee....

Hardly any foreigners here and I do not have the address.  But if you are interested, just drop me a comment, I try to ask my local friend for it.

After lunch, we continued with another school, part 2 needed.  Thanks for reading.

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