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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Bibigo Singapore Korean Restaurant

Date of visit: 18.09.2014

I love food.

The more sinful they are, the more intense my love will be for them.

Curry and spicy food, BBQ meat, sweet desserts, omg.... and the list goes on.
As my age is catching up, I can't ignore those little signals that my body is giving me.  I have to eat moderately, I can't just let greedy mouth biting my health away.  I hope to live long enough to see my grandchildren. 

It's easy to find a restaurant serving delicious food, but it's difficult to find one that serves healthy food.

Bibigo was recommended by one of my weight conscious girlfriend.
The sampuru displays a good variety of brown rice meals and salads, which were all very attractive.

It was quite crowded on a weekday dinner time.

Even the menu gives a healthy impression.

Traditional metal spoon and chopsticks in pocket for individual diner.

Hot Stone Bibimbap S$11.00
Brown rice topped with assorted veg and spicy pork.  Spicy and savory sauce were served separately to add in according to individual's preference.  Filling and healthy, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Japchae Silver Noodle S$11.00
I thought only high end fine dinning fancy small portions on enormous plates.  So, this plate caught me by surprise.

It's non-oily yet flavourful.  Just a bit too pricey for the portion >.<

Ginseng Chicken Stew S$22.00

Whole chicken was well cooked, perhaps another couple of minutes over the fire will give it a more tender texture.
It was a nice chicken soup, but not so as a ginseng soup.  The ginseng fragrance was too faint for my liking.  But given to the price tag, it's still worth it.

Squid & Pork Bulgogi S$24.00
Live fire never fails to excite, fiery red never fails to attract.  MUST TRY!

I was so busy taking photos that some pieces were burnt >.<
So, please be alert, act fast, stir and scoop up.  Yummy, I'll be back to try the chicken version =P

Hoddeok A-la-mode S$6.00
The 4 of us shared this sweet chewy pancake.

It's a known fact that 3 women = 1 market.
So the 4 of us formed a hypermarket over the table.

I love being with my friends, they make me feel alive, appreciated and belonged.
We have different views, different personalities, we came from different family backgrounds.
Blogging had brought us together.
But what makes friendship possible and valuable is mutual understanding, sincerity, care and respect for each other.

Bibigo Singapore Korean Restaurant
Nex Mall Centre
23 Serangoon Central
#03-08 NEX Shopping Mall
Singapore 556083
Tel: 6509 8272

For other outlets click ~ http://sg.bibigo.com


  1. Shhh... Don't tell others I'm weight-conscious LAR :P

    1. Heehee... 你不打自招,不关我的事!

  2. is the hoddeok good? i went a couple of times and everytime i tell myself i'm going to try out their hoddeok, i couldn't resist ordering their goguma matang instead. hahaha!

    1. NICE! The pancake is a little bouncy and chewy, not the soft soft ang mo type of pancake. Go try ;D